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  1. Eva Vesto

    BlackMiners app

    This app's been open for two weeks now and whilst RL always comes first, it'd be unfair of me to accept this application when we've had such slow communication, even with considerations made for your current hectic schedule. Whilst I don't think you're insincere or anything, we can't just let the 'rules' apply when we want, it'd be disrespectful and unfair to everyone else who has applied and gone through this process both within dys0n and within other PL corps. Essentially all I can draw from this thread is you simply don't have the time to commit, and I'd hate to push that commitment on you further when you're clearly really busy with shit that actually matters. So for now, I'm (gently and in good faith) rejecting your application - but you are entirely welcome to reapply when RL settles down for you a bit and dealing with your application isn't additional stress etcetera. You gave good answers and I'm keen to see you in corp in the near future.
  2. Eva Vesto

    Luko Melis

    Adidas or Nike? Tell me an eve story about you that you like. (Please also provide Eveboard links for your chars.)
  3. Eva Vesto

    BlackMiners app

    Dyson does encourage its members to utilise the Pyfa Fitting Tool for the purposes of designing and refining their own Roaming Class Combat Patrol Spaceships, but it's not a requirement by any means.
  4. Eva Vesto

    BlackMiners app

    Also, tell me a good eve story from yesteryear if you've got one.
  5. Eva Vesto

    BlackMiners app

    Please provide Eveboard and Zkillboard links for your listed chars, I know it's a ballache but if you don't do it i'll beat you with a spoon. Eve corps are social animals, so I'd like to know more about how you'll fit in with us. Tell me a little about what you look for in a group of people to play games with. Are you the type to be active on discord/mumble/omegle, shooting the shit? How do you react to having thirty shades of piss taken out of you when you lose your Ishtar to Ivy Lash? Will you join in the occasional joyous shitslinging holy wars between us and other PL corps? etcetera What do you like doing outside EVE? It's a shit game after all.
  6. Eva Vesto

    She a thot

    thank you for your sacrifice
  7. Eva Vesto

    She a thot

    By not naming your thread after your main character name, you've reminded me that I forgot to state requirement that in our application template. As you've created thirty seconds of work for me please debase yourself for my amusement by providing a recording of the following text. You can record using https://vocaroo.com/ or a tool of your choice.
  8. Eva Vesto


    Welcome back to Richard Hoover's Dyson Incorporated!
  9. Eva Vesto


    welcome back bby
  10. Eva Vesto


    Please send me, @Avery Lewis and @Havoc Ambramotte full APIs for all your accounts.
  11. Eva Vesto

    Khalathas Wrenwulf App

    Please provide, via forum PM, full APIs for all your accounts to me and @Avery Lewis. I like your formatting, good job.
  12. Eva Vesto

    Jonatan Reed

    Presuming your APIs are already in auth, I won't ask you to send me those because i trust our good Comrades in Oblivion Watch to have performed their backdoor pass evaluations correctly.
  13. Eva Vesto

    Bill Auduin

    nice snipe nerd
  14. Eva Vesto

    Bill Auduin

    please don't though okay Application denied. Also Proteus is gay and did it wrong, please PM APIs for all your major accounts to myself and @Avery Lewis. Please also include that full list of characters you mentioned - if you have any particularly sensitive characters, feel free to just PM them to Avery.
  15. Eva Vesto

    Stephen Dalt App

    >reverse empty quoting