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  1. Eva Vesto


    Welcome back to Richard Hoover's Dyson Incorporated!
  2. Eva Vesto


    welcome back bby
  3. Eva Vesto


    Please send me, @Avery Lewis and @Havoc Ambramotte full APIs for all your accounts.
  4. Eva Vesto

    Khalathas Wrenwulf App

    Please provide, via forum PM, full APIs for all your accounts to me and @Avery Lewis. I like your formatting, good job.
  5. Eva Vesto

    Jonatan Reed

    Presuming your APIs are already in auth, I won't ask you to send me those because i trust our good Comrades in Oblivion Watch to have performed their backdoor pass evaluations correctly.
  6. Eva Vesto

    Bill Auduin

    nice snipe nerd
  7. Eva Vesto

    Bill Auduin

    please don't though okay Application denied. Also Proteus is gay and did it wrong, please PM APIs for all your major accounts to myself and @Avery Lewis. Please also include that full list of characters you mentioned - if you have any particularly sensitive characters, feel free to just PM them to Avery.
  8. Eva Vesto

    Stephen Dalt App

    >reverse empty quoting
  9. Eva Vesto

    Stephen Dalt App

    I can't be bothered with going back through four pages to see if you've already been instructed to send, via forum PM, APIs for all your accounts to myself, @Avery Lewis and @Proteus Ormande so I'm saying it here. People continuously misinterpret the point of fitting questions, you've done a good job of attempting to provide and revise fits, and demonstrated that you're capable of at least looking at problems and attempting to solve them, your fits themselves have been somewhat uneven in quality, but that's less important being as nobody in PL can actually fit a fucking ship even when instructed on the modules to apply. You've answered questions promptly and haven't portrayed yourself as either an incorrigible moron or an autist formally known as K/Ch/ris, so that's another mark in your favour. However, your historical activity is low and whilst we don't expect you to commit past what you reasonably can, we do need evidence that you will maintain that level of activity, something we just can't confidently prove in this case - assurances from yourself or your vouches will not cover for a lack of tangible evidence. Moreover, it's not just about pvp activity, we're looking for people that will integrate socially within Dyson - arguably this is the only question that we really need to answer, as you should only be considered if you meet the criteria outlined in the application in the first place. Will you talk shit in Discord? Will you post on the forums? Will you play othergames? Will you do these things with the corp or just your vouches? Although I find certain people's readiness to deny you purely on 'skill' (particularly when those individuals may have themselves only barely clutched their way in to the corp) somewhat tedious, it is important that you can at least best the average - PL fails or flourishes based on the availability of people who can perform above the level of your typical F1 baboons, because we have enough of those already. There are many, many ways to succeed in PL, but foremost we need people that can double or triple box complex things like triage, links, scanners, HICs, even bombers. Mostly because I can, I'd like you to consider what I've written, and tell me yourself if you're honestly, definitely an appropriate fit for PL. It's not even a trick question, it's much more fun for me if I let you answer the question before I do, who knows - it might even decide your application's fate.
  10. Eva Vesto

    Stephen Dalt App

    I am entirely satisfied with this
  11. Eva Vesto

    Stephen Dalt App

    Please provide better talwar and vector fits. Also please provide an ms paint drawing of the aforementioned ships engaging in passionate coitus.
  12. Eva Vesto

    Impunitus Umbra

    why does everyone always kill Jeff :c
  13. Eva Vesto

    Impunitus Umbra

    Fuck marry kill elise grath jeff
  14. Eva Vesto

    Impunitus Umbra

    what would you do for a Klondike bar
  15. Eva Vesto


    lmao nice meme