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  1. Nirati Anturasi

    Lysus Application

    o/ hey lysus, old friend just saw you apped. I don’t normally post on others recruitment forums, let alone post decision. Im glad to see you’re joining though, hit me up if you need anything.
  2. Nirati Anturasi

    want to be apart of the family

    thought this app was over cause he pulled it; was being cheeky o7o7o7o7 sorry waffles recruiters
  3. Nirati Anturasi

    want to be apart of the family

    What could you have done to prevent this? Did you like being waterboarded by doomsdays?
  4. Nirati Anturasi

    Bodewhin Schwarz - Returning Vera. Player

    Are you by any chance an 18 year old Japanese girl who likes corn?
  5. Nirati Anturasi

    Val Thropp

    What’s your opinion on GMOs?
  6. Nirati Anturasi


    @Opseedwhat implant set would you use with your Nyx and why is it not a HG nomad set
  7. Nirati Anturasi


    Just say you're in 18 yo japanese girl. turns out well for israd apps
  8. Nirati Anturasi


    Also: Can you enlighten me when you were actually in HK? Who was your character?
  9. Nirati Anturasi

    app Sorry about farming your dreads Always a good sport
  10. Nirati Anturasi


    Never got to ask him if he likes corn
  11. Nirati Anturasi

    Rejuice K

    ++ I hope you like corn
  12. Nirati Anturasi

    Rejuice K

    What is your type of outfit to wear at a bar to meet guys, and why is it plaid shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots?
  13. Nirati Anturasi

    Nirati Anturasi Application

    God bless ISRAD
  14. Nirati Anturasi

    Nirati Anturasi Application

    @Capqu bombing battlecruisers like it's 2012. damn I wish I could have been there. Nice frag on the vendetta as well guys. If anyone has anymore questions, feel free to post. I'll usually answer within the hour if I'm awake. Thanks again taking your time to look over my app.
  15. Nirati Anturasi

    Nirati Anturasi Application

    I like your sig @Capqu