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  1. Reicher514

    I want to make Waffles GAY again

    You had me at Gay sex
  2. Reicher514


    It looks as if you put some thought into this app. I also notice that you have been keen with your responses. Also our USTZ could also always use more pilots. You have a plus 1 from me, and I hope that your app goes well.
  3. Reicher514


    While you did fail to follow instructions, which defiantly does not help you, I feel that you should get some credit for being in pancakes. That being said, I feel as though you didn't bother talking to a recruiter or anyone else in the JOIN SNIGGWAFFE channel. If you were looking to poke your head in the door, them that would have been the best place to do it.
  4. Reicher514

    Kaiyo Matsu

    Good answers, I have more questions for you though, On number 9 you say that your discipline is something that sets you apart from the average fleet f1 monkey. In sniggwaffe, fleet discipline is definitely a plus and will benefit you. What I am asking is what else can you offer sniggwaffe? This doesn't just apply to fleets. Also, If we were to recruit you, what would you see yourself doing, or striving to do, in sniggwaffe?
  5. Reicher514

    Kaiyo Matsu

    You speak Marine? Please expand on this. Also are you able to fly those caps on a separate account, or are the skills on your main. Are you the kind of guy that only logs on for pings, or are you going to login and chill on comms. Finally were you in Pwn n Play during the HONOR days, is so have you seen the anchor on sec meme?
  6. Reicher514

    MrMojo Mercurium

    +1 I like this guy.
  7. Reicher514

    The Aggressor

    +1 from me cause you had the balls to say the truth.
  8. Reicher514

    Zach Agittain

    Can you fly a mach, guardian, nightmare, or abbadon?
  9. Reicher514

    Zach Agittain

    Waffles has quite a few expensive doctrines, do you believe that you will be able to afford them? Waffles also has a pretty strong culture, are you the type of guy who only logs in for pings, or are you the kind of guy who regularly interacts with his/her corp-mates, whether it be by chilling on comms, or participating in forum discussions?
  10. Reicher514

    The Aggressor

    Thoughts on the game PUBG?
  11. Reicher514


    @Xayder Have you heard of this program called Grammerly. I recommend you give it a go. Also, why else do you want to join waffles, and what do you hope to get out of your time in Waffles?
  12. Only 8 pages, come on people. We can do better.