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  1. Chester Paterson

    So are you French-French, Quebec-French or just Cajun-French?
  2. Chester Paterson

  3. Chester Paterson

    +1 for the hoped for Reddit drama this might cause. And what, no awoxing is old alliance on he way out?
  4. returning member

    Thera Spy
  5. Riffsajet

    It's nice to see someone app that has been playing the game for as long as you. I'm tired of seeing 2014+ people try to get into the corp, not that I have a say.
  6. Karina Ivanovich

    I think Karina Ivarovich would have been a better choice in character name.
  7. Cardinal Borgia's Application

    Didn't know Doom had any friends other than Zeus. What's with all these new apps?
  8. Cardinal Borgia's Application

    Who is Kjan ?
  9. HellGate fr

    This, Please.
  10. Karl Landers

  11. Karl Landers

    See Below
  12. Karl Landers

    Sigh...I've always wanted to say Ban 2014's but he's got a rare Doom Vouch.
  13. Torrent Rage Application

    Doom lets Shey vouch?
  14. Application- Dantesi Cadelanne

  15. application

    Just make sure he isn't the first to jump into a fight with his Nyx. Sorry, inside joke..James will get it.