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  1. Sumo Sabezan

    Lament Icarus and Fiddle Booboo

    pepperridge farm remembers
  2. Sumo Sabezan

    Saitek Intakinio

    hi eve mail penifSMASH ingame so he can accept you
  3. Sumo Sabezan

    Bodewhin Schwarz - Returning Vera. Player

    I think we should accept him, he’s more annoying than me lmao
  4. Sumo Sabezan


    Hi, Apply in game and put new APIs (diff from the ones tou sent us) into
  5. Sumo Sabezan

    Mark Trayan

    Also pls look through @Avery Lewis killboard and find your favourite killmail and lossmail.
  6. Sumo Sabezan

    Mark Trayan

    Hi Do you expect to be spoonfed as many r64's as you like to mine like other members of this spsce guild?
  7. Sumo Sabezan

    Stafford Magnus

    Pulled kangaroo then?
  8. Sumo Sabezan

    Stafford Magnus

    Pls give me your favourite recipe for pulled pork.
  9. Sumo Sabezan

    Claire Ijonen

    If he dresses like a girl, but looks really hot, its ok if I get a boner right?
  10. Sumo Sabezan


    Hi Delete ALL api's you gave us and put NEW ONES into Apply in game with whatever toons you need in and to the group on the forums. Welcome 2 ISRAD.
  11. Sumo Sabezan


    And me Also i notice your lack of strategiic mining vessels. How do you plan on participating in strategic alliance mandatory mining ADM fleets?
  12. Sumo Sabezan


    So if he sends you 0b cause he's been in waffles for 0 months u'll vouch?????
  13. Sumo Sabezan

    Pe So

    Hi, Feel free to ignore all @Tara Read posts. Un-hiding to point out the irony of nerds posting on our subs but leaq when others post on theirs [insert >oldguard meme here]
  14. Sumo Sabezan

    Pe So

    Hi, Are you willing to purchase a copy of PUBG upon acceptance to the space guild?
  15. Sumo Sabezan