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  1. So if he sends you 0b cause he's been in waffles for 0 months u'll vouch?????
  2. Hi, Feel free to ignore all @Tara Read posts. Un-hiding to point out the irony of nerds posting on our subs but leaq when others post on theirs [insert >oldguard meme here]
  3. Hi, Are you willing to purchase a copy of PUBG upon acceptance to the space guild?
  4. ++ just to troll all the ex b0pe ppl tbh.
  5. #26
  6. thats a v nice tucan u have there
  8. LR bombers rape everything.
  9. Also edible ghost is a good dude ++. He asked me if I would vouch him and the reason I said no was only bc I haven't talked to him for like a year.
  10. so does ur posting
  11. Can you please explain your use of the word "them" when referring to a single person?
  12. What are your thoughts on @Edibleghost?
  13. Hi, What is the best titan and why is it the molok?
  14. App accepted. @Nirati Anturasi apply to ISRAD in game and to the auth group on the forums.
  15. Hi, You are moving your super through Bundindus, known hunting grounds of ivana trading federation. How do you NOT die like a complete retard?