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  1. Sumo Sabezan

    Lament Icarus and Fiddle Booboo

    pepperridge farm remembers
  2. Sumo Sabezan

    Claire Ijonen

    If he dresses like a girl, but looks really hot, its ok if I get a boner right?
  3. Sumo Sabezan

    Pe So

    Hi, Feel free to ignore all @Tara Read posts. Un-hiding to point out the irony of nerds posting on our subs but leaq when others post on theirs [insert >oldguard meme here]
  4. Sumo Sabezan

    Pe So

    Hi, Are you willing to purchase a copy of PUBG upon acceptance to the space guild?
  5. Sumo Sabezan

    Blinky Jimmy

    Wheeler is a good man.
  6. Sumo Sabezan

    Blinky Jimmy

    Wheeler is a good man.
  7. Sumo Sabezan

    Blinky Jimmy

    Hi, A fellow legion member's poses continuously get RF'd by the russian menance. The legion member is unable to make it to the timer due to RL obligations. He asks you to help him out. What do you do?
  8. Sumo Sabezan

    Blinky Jimmy

    No, this guy is a retard. Fuck off
  9. Sumo Sabezan

    HellGate fr

    posting in a quality cynou thread
  10. Sumo Sabezan

    Karl Landers

    Do you support PL/Horde resetting each other??????
  11. Sumo Sabezan

    dj aldard

    DJ is good people ++.
  12. Sumo Sabezan

    Captain James Sparrow

    Also make sure to send me the 1b app processing fee.
  13. Sumo Sabezan

    Captain James Sparrow

    Alright well doom died so +1. Vouch
  14. Sumo Sabezan

    Captain James Sparrow

    My vouch is conditional on the answer to this question. You are the engineer, @Avery Lewis is tied to the top track. Turbo, Skayarck, Doomchinchilla, and 2 other random f1 pubbies are tied to the bottom track. What do you do?
  15. Sumo Sabezan

    dj aldard

    ya he got o fucking 7'd.