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  1. Danatious - Application

    Will fly to your country and do dishes for vouch #LOVEMEDAMMIT
  2. Danatious - Application

    I obviously don't rank anywhere on this scale so it's hard to use myself as a benchmark. I think CyberRaver is definitely a 12.5/10 lord king krab. Followed by Russian bots then mod. The Avatar doesn't close to the guy who just lost his Aeon to NPC drones. Lel
  3. Danatious - Application

    Shhhh, I don't publicly discuss my chaturbate activity.
  4. Danatious - Application

    Hey Panz, I recall relaying information to you in the past during ops, my typing skills aren't amazing but I will always try to help you out as much as possible. I haven't been well over the last couple of years both physically and mentally so I haven't played any games really.
  5. Danatious - Application

    What I meant was; I thought the alliance and then the Corp would collapse not "I want dank space status" status has never bothered me, I just really enjoyed playing this game with the people in here. I haven't really formulated a future plan of what I want to do in the game or what I can offer over the next guy. I just want to enjoy logging in, chatting with the dudes (dudettes) on comms, getting frags. Other than this I honestly don't know what else to say.
  6. Danatious - Application

    No, but I'm sure it has some pathetic ones in there...
  7. Danatious - Application

    Quick edit to OP: I now have dread alt Edmund1 - Revelation
  8. Danatious - Application

    Can I drop in an in-game app now?
  9. Danatious - Application

    I really enjoyed Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid, I still prefer Sponge Bob Square Pants though.
  10. Danatious - Application

    To be completely honest, I saw the TISHU disband coming and predicted it to be worse than it was. It was only after i'd left that I heard Adversity merged into PL and regretted not hanging around to see what happened.
  11. Danatious - Application

    also, is that a subtle +1 Lex?
  12. Danatious - Application

    Hey Lex, Those conditions are completely fine. I would just like to clear my name from ratting while fleets were happening, I have always participated in any fleet that went up and always tried to encourage more people to join in. I do however admit that throwing carriers into blatant traps was horribly retarded and shall refrain from being so dumb in future
  13. Danatious - Application

    She's currently sleeping, when she awakens from her slumber (and has at least THREE cups of coffee) I will create many soundboards of her leaqing and repeating phrases at my request.
  14. Danatious - Application

    I was always active and yes I will try my darnedest! GF can get a little moody if I sit around playing games for too long but I will assign her cooking duty to distract her!