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  1. @Mikhail O'Gara fucking tricking me in the morning - i hate you <3
  2. thanks @Mikhail O'Gara for making me come here again
  3. @Manes Ekstrand i had to sing you a song for this ? where are the guidelines and hand-holding I feel lost now
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    @Kleinn 1st : meh, then, nothing special, loss of consideration I guess, but I won't start a vendetta for that ^^. If he was a friend, I would tell him how I feel about it, and if he's "just another corpmate" and not someone I really know, then I don't have time to really care or make a drama about that stuff. i used audacity to combine instru and my shitty recording (4 tries didn't do better on the mic's quality, it sounds a bit muffled but you'll have to accept it or gtfo i ain't doing a 5th :P) enjoy, laugh, shame me :D (83mg via mega.nz) the lyrics are enclosed and i've done a translation so that you can actually understand what it's about here is the original (clip and album) that's my people.pdf
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    ok but you'll have to wait tomorrow if I start singing alone now, 1 my GF will look at me so fucking weirdly her eyes are gonna pop out, 2nd swiss people are weird and the neighbors gonna call the cops on me probably ^^
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    I would feel very fucking embarrassed :D
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    I think on average it should be around 10-12h+ maybe ? Something like 3 times a week for a good part of the evening, plus some afternoons/mornings, so probably more ? it's hard to tell accurately. I sometimes play in the afternoon or morning, according to my weird schedules (classes I take, classes I give, exams around mid-december (the last ones !!), and how much attention I need to dedicate to my couple, especially). What I know for sure is that the more is happening, the more I want to play (nothing surprising here tho). I will certainly be part of most big formups, but I will also be there for as many little roams as possible because that's what I've always enjoyed the most @Coyotte Benihime : No i didn't read more than 3 paragraphs in total here and there ; Most were about people you guys already knew and one who deleted all his replies with " - " . And I don't like priming (besides, I've stopped cheating in video games when I was 16 I guess, so copying on other answers would have felt like it in a way). So, thanks ^^ And yes I'm not used to bling fits ; but I tried not to give only T2 stuff at least For the accent, I have to force myself for the typical French outrageous accent, but I do have some accent, especially if I don't pay attention, if I'm tired or stressed (so most likely gonna happen in fleets :P) o7
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    thanks, and thank you all for considering it, and for all the criticism and remarks.
  10. Lya Naylo

    Regarding the Horde topic, I agree that it is more a side-step than a backwards one. But being told "join them to get kills" (a just that), relative to supposed lack of activity - that's not a satisfying reason to me and that feels going back as when TRI told us "get active again and we might consider you". I don't want to not join horde because I'm above it, but rather because I feel that the pvp spirit here and the play style would fit more to my desires/expectations and how I want to play the game. In another situation - that is, not while I'm applying here - I could very well join the Horde (although I reckon that the horde's size is a bit too much - if i play a MMO, it's also for the social part of it - and being just another grunt does not fulfill that part very well). But there are also other alliances that I can join right now with what I can bring as of today - and on a quite good level. Maybe not the best, but definitely not the worst, and for sure better than FCON. However, I chose to try to join you guys, because I think it's good for me of course, but also because I think I can bring interesting things for you. I'm not expecting that it will solve all my "problems" with the game (i don't have many, I just want to find a better place that corresponds more to what I want and what I can do - cf. the lack of capital fights for example), and it will actually raise other challenges (cf. the account thing that just came up again, the activity thing that I've answered above). Regarding the accounts situation: I have 2 good accounts, and I've already said that I am willing to invest in more if necessary - like training alts on those 2 existing accounts - and getting 3rd with the FAX if I get to the supercap level. I'm finishing to polish the 2 mains on those 2 accounts, and I have never said I'm not willing to train those extra stuff. The cap alt already has T2 moros and T2 apostle in 20 days. This same alt is also supercap ready. Now, you're saying that to "prove my commitment" I should immediately have a 3rd one before joining? To quote/paraphrase/rephrase myself - you don't buy a 3rd car that you don't need yet for the new job you don't have yet. Moreover, I think that by answering carefully and investing a great amount of time in this application right now, I've already shown my dedication, my interest, and my willingness to join. Time, after all, is what we all have most precious. Therefore, buying an account right now without any guarantees, or opening one and spending isk/$ to build up a character or transfer skills to another, in order to go with the supercap I don't have at the moment, even before joining and without even knowing that I would join or not... I'm sorry but this is not showing commitment. Rather, it's showing that I yield under pressure, and that I make rash and stupid decisions in order to reach acceptance. Not accepting such blackmail - because let's be honest the power unbalance here is in your favor, along with the pressure you put on the potential recruits (which are reminding me of Harvey in Suits but without the yelling, therefore being way above and more efficient (/respect ;p)) - is on the contrary showing that I can stand my ground and not yield to unreasonable demands. I'm a reasonable person, and what you ask for me is to spend the equivalent of a lot of time (thus money) for what can easily be empty promises. What EVE taught me very early (and life of course - but especially EVE) is not to trust so easily people you don't know. Since it's also true from you to me, I understand that you try to do that - but in the end it's not proof at all of a strong character or of commitment. And I'm not sure that's what you are actually looking for. To me, a common understanding on such matter goes as follows : IF I am to be accepted here, I've already said several times that I can commit to several adaptations on the characters' training, and that training a 3rd account to go with a supercap is possible. IF I was to join and not start this process immediately, you just have to click on "expel". But if I would do what you ask - buying an account now or opening one and training now something I don't need as of right now - although it could be useful on the long term, but it's still not useful in my current situation - for me, then, I would have spent time and money for maybe nothing if you change your mind. And again, yielding to such demands is (in my humble opinion) a stupid decision, and in this context does not mean commitment. Since I know that I can be true to my word, but I don't know you will (and the reverse is true of course), you will just have to send me an invite and you will see me doing what we will have decided ahead of time regarding those accounts - and in detail - with a precise plan and with defined costs and timeline and so on - because no, i don't improvise such things, and no, I don't take such decisions on a whim (and I would gladly take the help you offered earlier about that). If it's not done, it's easy to expel me. If it doesn't suit you guys, fine. Tell me so, so that everybody (that is the 400 people who have read (part of) that thread and me) can stop wasting their precious time. But don't ask people to spend said precious time without any guarantee. We're not kids, and it's still a game - it's ok to take it seriously, that's what I'm doing btw - but there are no RL threatening issues at stake here, and thus no necessity to be unreasonable or excessive. Ps: I've left my country to live with the woman I chose to build my future with. The 1st thing I did is learn their language. I know what commitment is about. And no it didn't go by as me going all in after 3 days of sweet talks.
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  12. Lya Naylo

    Maybe deep down you yearn for the recipe and the secrets to bake REAL bread and hope I can provide them to you (which I can - but trust me it's hard work and difficult to make GOOD bread - mine is OK-good on the scale of acceptability - although better than most of the stuff I can buy here in Switzerland - thankfully I'm not in Denmark or further north with their weird bread - yes i'm being totally objective here :D). About accounts: As said before, yes what you mentioned can be done, the different skill plans can be modified accordingly, and help will always be welcomed - no issue on my side regarding that topic (besides, my cap is not on the same account). Doing that before having the certainty that I'm in would be stupid tho. You don't buy a 3rd car you don't need yet unless you are certain to have the job. I'm a French in Switzerland and I've not been expelled yet, that should be enough vouch about my reliability ^^ (big aparté: just as an example, here you buy your train ticket and go in the train, nothing is stopping you from not paying. Better : people forget their huge smartphones in the tram, the train, the bus. Those who find them just give it to the driver or to the lost and found, and the owners almost always find them back - seen it, did it - it's not urban legends - CH is OP - that's what you get when you manage to kinda remove poverty or take care to a certain extent of those who are poor - they have almost something that is approaching basic income here - whatever happens to you, you will most likely not sleep in the streets - the counterpart is a liberal economy almost on par with the US, much more than in the rest of Europe - but again it's counterbalanced and made possible by a not so oligarchic democracy - as my mom said once : "I'd rather pay more taxes so that people are not dirt poor and compelled to rob or worse so that I can read in my garden without being afraid and living in fear, or having to build a wall around my neighborhood."). About my skin: I can take shit - I've been to a public high-school in France in Paris' banlieue - not in the shittiest of places, not in the best either, wasn't easy... can't be worse ^^. I'm gonna be a high-school teacher soon enough, I can deal with disrespectful people. And i'm French, not american, I'm not gonna be shocked by a few words. Besides, if I fuck up and that cascades and leads to someone yelling at me, considering the amount of adrenaline FC-ing can give, I totally understand. I'd might also lose my nerves in such situations. Then some people are ragers, like systematic ragers, that makes me laugh. My fiancée is a psychiatrist, if one of you needs counselling I can help you find help xD. about activity : 1st, no I will not join Horde, I could have done that long ago but I don't like changing corp and alliance on a whim. As llvortexll implied, we're reliable and faithful to the people we join. We went to FCON to get back to activity - and that's what we did - but joining Horde would be a step backwards - I want to move forward. Yes I've not so many kills, but I am really doing my best here in FCON. I am really active and I participate in most fleets and strat-ops, not for fucking PAPs but to have content (requirement is 4 PAPs per month... 4 FFS... I did that in 1 or 2 days each month... And of course it didn't stop me from joining more fleets... They even gifted us free 600m+ machariels for high activity after the 2nd month ... (need to add more ... here)). Also, about overall kills, I've not played the game between 2011 and 2016, so I've been active 3 years and a half or so. That's the period when I moved to CH and went to the university. About creating content for myself, sure I could go solo but I've never been much of a soloer. Instead, I decided to use my free time (that is when not in a fleet) building a decent ISK cushion to buy more stuff to get more content, rather than roaming solo and most likely losing said ISK while getting more XP and kills - true, but I think it's still a valid endeavor considering the long term objectives I had in mind (dread, FAX, supercap) (I'm not a wallet-warrior, although I could be. For me the game is not about pay-to-win. I can go back to WOT for that). But sadly FCON is not the place to get such content since my dreadnought has been gathering dust for the past 7 month now (I bought it the 29th of december FFS - it makes me cringe just thinking about it - and I was there everytime I could, and that is almost everytime they called for us when I was online - or even offline but computer ON -.-). Beside, I'm not a nolifer, I have a fiancée, some social life, studies to finish and not to fuck up (almost done!), a few friends - but when I can I play EVE, and when there's a fleet, usually I'm there (not mining fleets and ADM fleets tho, fuck this). I was one of the 1st deployed in Wicked Creek when we failed at doing anything interesting there against Fraternity for example. I'm always one of the first in fleets in a DPS ship - always having to swap for a logi in the end (not complaining, i'm happy with that). I joined FCON to rack up kills - look where it lead me ... someone telling me go Horde where I can rack up kills - again... I'm too old for this shit man : I want real content and real pvp ! FCON is so boring right now that joining Bjorn Bee's fleets looks almost more appealing... that's how bad it is ^^. As an example - and llvortexll already gave some links of the people racking most kills in FCON and you saw how crap it is - look at my KB since end of July. I came back from there in Zurich on the 22nd of July at 22:00 GMT. We moved ALL our shit out of FCON space the 23rd in the evening (that's where the cyno frigs are on the KB - except a Hurricane which didn't fit in the holds and died without racking many kills since the FC suicided us on a typhoon fleet which was waiting at optimal -.-). Since then, as you can see, I've been in fleets - in inti first - and still got kills ; Oh I would have 3 times more had I been in another ship - but inti is also a valid choice. There were 2-4 of us only in each of those fleets and I did a pretty good job (which were around 80-130 dudes in them iirc). And when I re-bought a cerb to join a few more fleets before finding a new home, and since I didn't have any logi at hand anyways, well i got some kills. It's not that I am not willing to... It's just that I won't let down the fleet. If I proud myself as a logi pilot, who would I be not to swap for a logi when asked for it ? If then I don't have kills ? I don't give any fuck. I've been there, I've saved tiny asses, that's what counts and matters to me. Then comes the issue of the numbers - but numbers are just that. You can see that I've been active. Before and after even being away for 1 month and a half, I'm always/still participating - and even with all my ships stashed away, I'm still doing stuff (and not for the past 3 days coz you guys are taking all my time :D). As I've said to the people I talked to in recruitment channel, I'll do what it takes to get those kills in the meantime and when I'm accepted here (if it is ever gonna happen) - flying more command ships and less logi, going in roams, and so on. As i've said in that channel : "fuck it i'll even go seal-clubbing in t3 ships if it's what it takes". But no I won't go Horde (and I have nothing against the little guys, I've been in goon and I like the spirit of such alliances). Once I can get my hands on real roaming fleets and such, kills will go up fast, I'm not worried about that. I know I'm active enough to be there or I would not try - I was even surprised when I was told that I don't have the kill requirement because I'm in most FCON fleets. So if - in the end - I get rejected because I'm true to myself, while I actually play actively and although I'm not running after kills, then so be it. Your loss.
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    No we are not - although we've been friends for 9 years now - we know quite clearly that we might have to split again. It's fine, we'll still talk often in game and out of game However, it will always be more fun to be able to fly together - we went back together in eve for pvp, to play a real game (as opposed to WOT for example - where we also played together most of the time), together if possible. If I had to leave and he enters the corp, great for him, sad for me - if it's the opposite, great for me, sad for you for not taking him coz he's a great pilot and a good guy (and yes even with only 1 account for now, I would argue that it's still worth it ^^ I'm being totally objective of course !) bitterness ? no - it's a game after all. llvortexll >> "In fact if they take you and you don't go in ill personally rek your ass everytime I see you"
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    there you go there is also this active one I had come up with, but i'm reaalllyyy not sure about it - "quitte ou double"
  15. Lya Naylo

    Indeed, I did not take that factor into consideration. Would such fitting correspond more to your expectations ? It's also possible to active shield, active armor, etc - survivability and expendability in relation to efficiency are at the core of the question I guess, and I reckon I'm usually on the safer side of things