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  1. Makalu Zarya

    Quesa (Thrathius) App

    accepted ingame
  2. Makalu Zarya

    Quesa (Thrathius) App

    Inb4 Velo gets you to buy a Marshal for a vouch. also vouch from me, feel free to buy me a marshal too
  3. Makalu Zarya

    Ben Walker App

    +1 for Ben :D
  4. Makalu Zarya

    Conqueringaz Application

    first person to ever try to dd me, brings back the memories +1 also here is a mail on conq's dding himself for old times sake
  5. Makalu Zarya

    Thorexion Lynch app

    played with him on and off for 8 years as well +1
  6. Makalu Zarya

    Is there anyone alive out there?

    Carbon Fury is alive news at 11 :D
  7. Makalu Zarya

    Clydar Dramos App

    have flown with clydar on and off for basically 8 years +1