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  1. Kaynard Stormwalker's application

    never choose any UK soccer team even if asked by our CEO but i replace that question with this one: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir ? if this would benefit your application into PL? and since you wanted to go to habit what arts and crafts project would you have produced?
  2. PipoDeYoyo's App

    Why did u use red in your app, or should i say why is the total app so colorfull? Are you colorblind or mentally disabled????
  3. Matt Emery App

    Pm me the keys not here in the app
  4. Matt Emery App

    Also what have you.done/ been between leaving SAS and returning
  5. Matt Emery App

    Matty what, can.up listen all app's her too pls Makes my processing faster
  6. Gyn Steel rp-app

    Also lhave your vouch pls reply in this thread for confirmation
  7. Gyn Steel rp-app

    Thanks gyn I will do the checks asap
  8. Matt Emery App

    hit me up matty and if all is green your back in in no time
  9. ddred's app

    you make that happen Amrastion i believe in you (a bit)
  10. Sweetnjuicy's App

    no fuking hearts either thanks !!
  11. Sweetnjuicy's App

    oke i will give this a few more days... and pls no more REJECTED from you mongs anymore i Reject it
  12. ddred's app

    also he mamaged to snatch an Aeon from under our noses during that eve bet event
  13. ddred's app

    that's why I am liberating this poor soul from the path of agony Bluemelon :-)
  14. Sweetnjuicy's App

    sorry said person is put in a witness protection program
  15. Sweetnjuicy's App

    a little bird came to my window and the birdie told me sweetnjuicy likes to sing songs of praise......