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    Nuruvo is a good dude, I've known him for a few years. I would have booshed him into TRIF but he wants to stick with his old corp mate, regardless, I'm happy to see him apply.
  2. Read the following before you fill out your application form: Application Instructions: 1. Contact one of the people listed in our public channel and speak to them about joining before moving forward. 2. You must register for PL forums with your main. 3. Enter FULL APIs for ALL ACCOUNTS as well as corp APIs for any corps you control into the auth tool. If you have a spy account talk to a director first. 4. Make a post on these forums with your main character as the title. Copy/paste the questions below and answer them thoroughly. 5. Answer all questions posted by TRIF members on your thread. 6. Make sure your vouch posts in your thread to confirm you in fact have a pulse and aren't a shitty person. 7. Do not apply in game until notified by one of the people listed in the public channel. Minimum Requirements to Join: 1. You must have a capital alt or alts (on a separate account from your main) that can fly an apostle and/or dread. 2. You must have Mumble, Discord, IRC, and TS3 downloaded 3. You must have a working microphone 4. You must have sufficient isk to immediately purchase our doctrines. 5. YOU MUST HAVE A VOUCH FROM AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE CORP Application Form: Personal Info: 1. Membership in our illustrious space guild mandates a vouch from an existing member. Who is your vouch? How do you know them? If you do not have a vouch, the door is behind you. 2. Why are you leaving your current corp? Why TRIF? 3. Can you speak English? Also what’s your timezone? 4. Link your PVP character's eve boards and zkill page so our members can judge them. Label them please. 5. How many hours do you play in an average week? 6. Are you someone who hangs out in comms and socializes with the community? 7. What do you think of the "ping warrior" style of play? 8. Are you a content creator? Show us some examples of what you have done. 9. Give us a brief history of your eve career exclude the boring stuff please. 10. How do you support your eve career financially? 11. TRIF is first and foremost an EVE online corporation, but we play other games together as well. What other games do you play besides EvE? Game Knowledge: 12. Make 3 fits for us: a fleet T3C of your choice, a solo pvp frigate of your choice, and a Victor. 13. Which 3 AT ships are the best? Why? 14. The Legion is in pursuit of a gaggle of inferior nerds, you are in a dictor; how do you slow them down without dying? 15. You and 100 of your closest friends are in a machariel fleet and are engaged in sexual combat against another machariel fleet, a handful of ships in the opposing fleet yellow box you. What do you do and why? 16. Your friend has a carrier tackled in nullsec with his interceptor; what do you bring to help him? 17. Your corp mate solo drops on a Merlin with his Redeemer and proceeds to get tackled and is taking gate gun damage in low sec, how do you respond to his pleas for help? Miscellaneous: 18. What is your squad ranking in PUBG? 19. What was the best country of WWII? 20. Ronald Reagan once said "America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere". How has the United States of America made your life better? 21. Attach a recording of yourself reciting the following (You don't have to do this if you have a recruiter, director, or CEO vouch): "Mrs. Puggy Wuggy has a square cut punt, not a punt cut square, just a square cut punt, it's round in the stern and blunt in the front, Mrs. Puggy Wuggy has a square cut punt." 22. If you were selected as a last minute substitute in the AT for a Bhaalgorn with an MJD what would you focus the most on while flying? 23. What is your least and most favorite firearm? 24. What would you be doing right now had Al Gore not invented the internet? 25. A Canadian asks you if 'ya wanna fuckin go out fer a rally tally er what bud.' How would you respond and approximately how much maple syrup should you bring?
  3. Self explanatory, if you want to join you need to know someone in TRIF who is willing to vouch you in.