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  1. Angela Lagoon

    Sean Durden

  2. Angela Lagoon

    Aharon Omaristos

    god fucking bless harvey please accept already
  3. Angela Lagoon

    Aharon Omaristos

    Your idea of a Bifrost enables you even MORE then any other ship to mindlink tbh. If you wanted to shamwow me, having a boosher with a dicter alt on a small gang is heaven for the plays. But you said having a dicter as a alt, you sir deserve to keep my +1 godbless.
  4. Angela Lagoon

    Aharon Omaristos

    Why the Rapier, out of curiosity? I like your app. As long as you're not a Wilmore, then +1 to you sir. Edit: I'm retarded and Perkin already asked. I'd like to know tho anyway.
  5. Angela Lagoon


    Nice T2 Hardeners. Also nice P3AK fit, to bad you forgot to use a faction hardener.
  6. Angela Lagoon

    Senah Kolk

    Absolutely terrible selection. No class. But your app looks ok to me. As long as you actually do Entosis and PvP when the situation arises and like to put the bling in the space vessel +1
  7. Angela Lagoon

    Senah Kolk

    This has to be answered. You are at Subway. You can buy any sub. It doesn't matter about the $$. WHAT DO YOU BUY AS A MEAL THAT WILL PLEASE YOU THE MOST. YOUR ANSWER DEPENDS ON MY +1 OR -1
  8. Angela Lagoon

    Nonoko Chent-Shi

    At that point you might as well fly an Orth anyway if that's what you're trying to achieve. I kind of waited to give a reply on this app; I read it and a few things actually made me think. Like the Cynabal. I knew you in WLST, I know what you can do so I'll put a +1 in good faith you'll deliver.
  9. Angela Lagoon

    Zelden Aurilen

    +1 from me, WLST was cooler because of Zeldo. I did notice you're a brawler; that will change soon enough. Bless on that Entosis alt.
  10. Angela Lagoon

    Vaun Iskan

    I don't know how you mispelled Italian Herbs and Cheese with Chicken Teriyaki, swiss cheese, onion on before the double toast then lettuce and a sprinkle of carrot with a dash of sweet onion sauce but that's ok. Good words mate, I don't mind the app, as long as you get that Rapier alt then I'll happily +1
  11. Angela Lagoon

    Vaun Iskan

    What is your favorite sub from Subway? Also what is your opinion on "Entosis" ?
  12. Angela Lagoon

    San Hollo

    There is no website specific for fits. I (I also assume we) only wanted to see fits that you have made in EFT/Pyfa, whatever gets your theorycraft in a twist. That's all. They could be the most garbage fits in the universe, but at least they weren't zkill links. I guess you can try; best of luck comrade.
  13. Angela Lagoon

    San Hollo

    Personally I've never heard of you, but it appears some people may remember you ?? Either way your app is pretty low effort. I can understand the whole, "Is game, for funs" but on the otherside of the coin at least put EFFORT in. Time has passed, and memes / memories die or fade. I don't have a clue about your Noctis jokes or a clue to your answers to the questions. My advice is really clean your app up and actually answer them properly. You seem like to have the ships and stuff, but if you don't put effort into the app - will you put effort into corp / what we do?
  14. Angela Lagoon


    Unsure if P3AK has any weight, but I knew Nurv in WLST and in TC. Only a teamplaya and a fun dude to be around, he'll only be a good addition.