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  1. Are you interested in becoming part of BDCI? Great! You should know that BDCI is not a corp. It's a Family. What we cherish above all within our pilots is the ability to be respectful and mature towards their family members. This, plus a good sense of humor and healthy level of activity is what we're looking for in a pilot. We strive to be able to say this sentence to all our members: “I’m passing through your town, let’s grab a beer!” Does this sound like you? Come join us! Recruitment is currently: Selective We value personalities that are: polite want to have fun are social value personal growth are active in and out of game Our requirements are Omega Clone Minimum of 20 mil skillpoints and the ability to fly in most of our main doctrines or critical fleet support roles. (T2 Logi, Tackle, Links) Reasonable PvP Activity Financial Independence (i.e., ability to generate ISK without using PL characters) How to apply Mingle among the membership in this ingame-channel: Body Count Public Write an introduction letter. This letter provides BDCI membership an opportunity to get to know you before the voice interview. The letter should contain the following 1) Tell us about yourself in game and out of game. 2) Describe what you enjoy in EvE and what your looking for in BDCI. 3) Elaborate on your interests and experiences as a gamer. 4) Provide time and dates when you are active in eve and available for TS interviews. 5) Include killboard and Eveboard links for all characters. 6) You will be sent a link for a full scope of your ESI by a recruiter. 7) Become a ninja - Post pictures in your template. Intro letters are to be posted here with the above ninja pic. DoAe, Tetuso Cloud, Kaputt or Aratosh Contact any of the above with questions or ask in the public channel 'Body Count Inc' if they are not available at the time. What happens next? If your intro was accepted and has made it onto our forums, you shall receive a response within 24 hours. The whole corp will then take 3 days to cast a vote on your application. When your application has passed our vote, you will get contacted to set up a date for an interview. If your application does not pass our vote, you will be informed and if possible be given guidance by our recruiters on which corp or alliance may fit you best. Best of Luck! BDCI Recruitment Team