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  1. Bensen1296

    Arestes' application

    NIce APP it took a while to get there but worth it in the end imho
  2. Bensen1296

    Arestes' application

    Please read that ^^^
  3. Bensen1296

    Arestes' application

    It's good to see to see that you are putting lots of effort into the app and really thinking about your answers to questions. Looking at Q6. You initially said hedliner has a list and then we called you out on that you gave us slightly more detail saying you would be bringing a handful of FAX and dread alts aswell as a list of ships you will be bringing to the corporation. While you failed to even answer the original question listed in as you haven't given killboard links to your combat toons or skillsheets. Q11) I'm more inclined to think your quick tongue is a detriment to the fleet. This was a recent shitpost pulled from reddit "Hedliner isn't cut out for leadership. He has the charisma of a cold bowl of oatmeal." do you agree/disagree or is there any better analogy that represents his charisma/personality and why? Do you have any advice for headliner as you have known him for 10 years so he can be compared to hot oatmeal at least?
  4. Bensen1296

    Arestes' application

    How would you describe your sponsors charisma? Also can you format your app a bit better just looking at its hard to tell what is a question and what is your answer as the white and cream blend together.
  5. Bensen1296


    If you were to stream a movie for a chill blops fleet what would you stream and why?