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  1. RG Application Form Section 1: Getting to know you. Which timezone(s) are you most active in and roughly how active are you normally each week? Do you know anyone currently in RG? How many characters are you planning on bringing into RG and what are each of them for? What attracted you to wanting to join RG over other corps? Apart from being an extra body in fleets what do you think you can do to help RG or PL? Share something funny, can be a picture, video or a story. Can you give a rundown of your Eve history to date? Where have you been? What have you done? Tell us about the fleet you have been on that you had the most fun on? Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of eve. Anything you are comfortable sharing that will help us get to know you. How do you normally make isk in Eve? What in EVE do you enjoy most? Have you ever been so far as to even pretend to even want to do more like? Section 2: Ships fittings. What is your favourite subcap fitting? Why? Which interceptor is best? Why? Which of the 3 carriers is the best to hyper fit and meme with. Give us your best nano-hyper carrier fit. Jen likes to lose T3s in silly ways. Link us your favourite/derpiest lossmail. What is the fit for? Section 3: Situational awareness. You’re in our staging system. There’s nothing really going on. Suddenly, Intel flares up with news of a small gang next door who have a friendly ratting capital tackled and there’s no FCs active on comms, what do you do? You’re roaming in the fit linked in question 13. You jump the gate and find yourself in a gate camp. How do you react? What would you do? We’re max forming for an op. Hedliner [Avocado fanboy] is FCing while eating furiously on comms. Do you ask him whether or not he’s eating Broccoli? Section 4: Culinary Provide a recipe of you favourite dish. [Providing pictures gets you bonus points!] It’s 5am, you just left the club and you’re drunk, what do you crave? You’re in a bar with DJ. He orders Jameson. Why are you in a bar with DJ? [Bonus points: Find a post by DJ, downvote it and let us know]
  2. Hello prospective recruits! If you're interested in joining RG , please follow the steps below: Join our ingame public channel and send a message to one of the recruiters listed in the MOTD. The recruiter will send you a link to our corp discord. Once in there, we'll give you a recruit role and you'll be able to chat with us. This will allow us to see how well you fit in with our culture. Once we've decided you'd be a good fit for us, we'll ask you to make a post in our applications forum. Follow the form in the other sticky located here. Once your application is posted, our recruiters will send you a link to our SeAT background checker. You must add ALL your characters to it, whether you plan to bring them into RG or not. If your background checks don't flag up anything weird (like you're secretly mittens cousin twice removed) then we will invite you into the fold on a trial basis. After 1-3 months, your trial status will be reviewed and you will become a fully fledged member of Roving Guns Inc. If you are a returning member to RG them please follow the steps below: Make a thread called *Your Name* - Returning Member in the forums here In the thread state who you know in RG and that you want to return. An RG recruiter will verify you are who you claim to be, we will be background checks on all your characters and if you are who you claim to be we will welcome you back home to RG