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  1. michael chasseur

    wh corp Looking to Join PL

    have you sent the security deposit to me yet? it’s 10 billion
  2. michael chasseur

    wh corp Looking to Join PL

    application accepted apply in game dont forget to send me your 10bil security deposit
  3. michael chasseur

    coming home

    is this for mining ops? pls say yes
  4. michael chasseur

    coming home

    https://zkillboard.com/character/428288575/stats/ my subcap char; would be more active than that but i was selling ships off (hastily) to move
  5. michael chasseur

    Returning: Dame Death

    @Tara Read tl;dr
  6. michael chasseur


    don't you have a carrier to lose or something
  7. michael chasseur


    tell us your story of waffles
  8. michael chasseur

    Darius JOHNSON

  9. michael chasseur

    Pari Shana

    we are elite
  10. michael chasseur

    Pari Shana

    >hurrr hurrr shitty monty python joke fuck off retard
  11. michael chasseur

    Darius JOHNSON

    please explain why you think 4channers are unworthy of conversation? on a scale of 1-420, how much of a cuck are you? what is your ratio of chicken tendies to GBP?
  12. michael chasseur

    No I'm Not bloody Dead

    double tap
  13. michael chasseur

    No I'm Not bloody Dead

    is this the RKK recruitment thread?
  14. michael chasseur


    in-game channel: Join Sniggwaffe