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  1. Copy paste the following questions into your own thread and answer all the questions. 1) List all your characters and their Zkill 2) What is it you are looking for in a corp? 3) Why are you leaving your last corp? 4) List your favorite ships to fly? 5) Post a fit for your dream ship for a corp roam 6) Travel to U-QM for the pilgrimage and anchor a mobile depot at planet 6 - name it "The Rabbit Throne". Post the picture of your ship next to it showing the date 7) Get a lowsec kill in Black Rise. Post the kill / loss 8 ) Fight Redline in a 1v1 in any system, whatever ship type. Post the kill / loss 9) Fight any CRYE member in Decon in ship of your choice. Post the kill / loss 10) Get permission from Gobbins, Noraus, and LadyScarlet to join. Post the screenshots and their answers 11) Who is it inviting you to Sinners and how do you know them? 12) Can you fly a confessor and a deacon? Prove it with a zkill or screenshot 13) What Blackops BS is best? 14) How do you make isk? 15) What other games do you play? 16) How do you setup a whisper key on mumble? 17) If you join Sinners and then the corp votes to leave PL 2 months later, will you stay with the corp or flake out and join CYNOU to stay in PL? 18) What is an appropriate number of gates to take for a super kill? 19) What is an appropriate number of pings for a super kill? 20) What is an appropriate number of hours to spend hosting Twitch talk shows, weekly? 21) What is the average speed of an unladen swallow? 22) Provide a fit for a very unusually or oddly fit ship, that is actually extremely useful in a specific niche role. 23) What is the range of a Fortizar PDS t1 and t2 rigged? 24) Message Brothuhbob on Discord, and ask him if you can join the corp. Post your conversation. 25) Interview corp members to find out the location of the anchored "Rabbit Throne" - faction fortizar.