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  1. 1.Single most important question… How tall are you? 2. Which criterion member invited you to join us so we know who to kick if you’re a mouthbreather? How long have you known them in a scale of years? 3. Beer, blunts, or booty? 4. What’s your favorite number between 68 and 421? !!!!~IF YOU DO NOT SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH STOP HERE~!!! (close the browser, take your bot to Frat. )))) ) 4.20 ASL! (nudes help too) 5. List all your characters, private message @NCC#9247 or @Typh#6317 any titan/super alts INCLUDE ANY CHARS/CHILDREN YOU BOUGHT OR SOLD AND WHY YOU DID Ight you’re doing well but now it’s time for big thonk questions 5.69 How many hours you put into eve a week, and what timezone do you play in? 6. List all the caps you can fly (and which alt flies them) 7. Are you a hardcore IMMA GO FIND CONTENT CUS IM FUCKING ON or are you a FUCK YEAH PUBG TILL I SEE A PING!? (honestly both are fine just wanna know) 8. Select the following that best applies to you (one choice only) A: I literally breathe penis, my keyboard has two buttons F1 and F (to pay respects) B: I like having my dick sucked by the bois because i fly logi baby 😄 I have never seen a penis because I was busy tackling something for the bois 😧 I really like mining it soothes my smooth brain and helps build ships for the fleets E: My wild RL insecurities make me FC constantly to make up for my lack of self esteem 9. So tell us how did ya get started in eve? What have you done? Have you a cool story bro? What glorious fights/kills you been involved in? 10. So why does your current corp suck so much you are leaving? 11. Where does your isk come from grinding? Or mommas credit card? Are you a constant poor shittier? We could ask what other games you play but honestly you will prolly just list the current meta of garbage so here is a list of what we play (this isn't a question really more just an fyi of what we get into) Escape from Tarkov, LoL, DoTa, WoWS, War Thunder, Avorion, Sup Comm 2, Sins,CoH, SE, pubg, B-LANDS 2 (SOON B-LANDS 3) and lots more shit tier steam games OK DON’T FUCK THESE NEXT QUESTIONS UP BECAUSE YOU WILL BE INSTA-REJECTED IF YA DO 12. What is your favorite class of ships to fly and why? 13. Link your favorite kill and tell us why 14. Link your worst loss and tell us da fuck happened 15. What’s your favorite capital ship, If you do not fly capital ships please explain why you are not interested in them. PS Brave is recruiting. 16. Let’s say you are flying your last ship and you have no isk, if it dies you will have to go back to the grind/mommas wallet, you manage to tackle a faction BS ratting or something autistic the fleet that is coming to kill it is in warp and will land in 25 seconds, he can kill you in 15 seconds…. Wut do? 17. In an EFT format please link a properly fit Devoter 18. In an EFT format please link a properly fit Moros 19. In an EFT format link a properly fit Enforcer 20. Why would you put up with all this bullshit if you were not a spy? Honestly you are prolly a spy go join one of the trash corps in the alliance not ours kthxbye. If you are a spy and still wish to apply please list who you are spying for below.