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    Daemon Belial

    wb dadmon
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    What is your opinion of pineapple on pizza? You miss a move op with your supercaps. The new staging is 3 mids away or 1 mid and a regional gate. What do you do? What does the top at the end of Inception symbolize? Krab legion is running in full force. It's late night and you're one of the few people on coms when a rorq gets tackled. What do you do?
  3. Sharker2k3


    ignoring your titans skills (jesus) why are over 6 pages of your titan's killboard your main's frigates?
  4. Sharker2k3


    From the fleets I've been on with you and Riffs/Daagins/British's crew you came off as a complete spaz who is going to constantly shit up coms and can't chill out and have a real conversation without devolving it into memes. Combine that with your tryhard titan video stunt and I'm pretty against this app. That being said, I believe in second chances and would like to see you prove me wrong. Please use this app and your responses to people's questions as an opportunity to do so.