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  1. Bnizzle

    Atlas Diari

    What out of game hobbies do you have? Do you own any pets? If so please share with us a few of your favorite images If someone only had 1 day to spend in your current town, what would you recommend them to do/see?
  2. Bnizzle

    Lupus Cinereo

    Aside from the horrible formatting I have a few questions: You say you both stream and have a YouTube channel with eve related content on it but haven't linked to either (esp. in question 14) Is there a reason for not linking them? What is your hands down favorite fight you've been in? Take your time and give a really in-depth answer here On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love Vegemite and why did you give it a 10?
  3. Bnizzle

    Arestes' application

    Still awaiting the big answers. FYI you no longer need to place salvagers to act as heat sinks, empty slots work in the same way. With your enyo fit why do you have blasters and then a point fitted? Was that supposed to be a scram? Could you should me your favourite shield ship for solo/small gang stuff (I just noticed all the fits you linked were armour) I've liked the renewed energy keep it up
  4. Bnizzle

    Arestes' application

    @Arestes will you be coming back to answer anymore questions? tbh it's a bit disrespectful to your vouch to have him put his name out there, for you to just not bother replying.
  5. Bnizzle

    Arestes' application

    Why should we take your app seriously if you don't? Also a few questions: Can you please expand this: What was your most memorable fight? Be thorough! and Fuck, Marry, Kill Hedliner, Shadoo, Elise
  6. Bnizzle


    Just a few questions from me: What is the most memorable fight you've been a part of where you weren't an F1 pusher? Let's say you wanted to relax for the night, what show\movie would you watch? Tell me why Vegemite is better than Marmite