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  1. Capqu

    didn't read app; vouching
  2. Jankos sabannfuhrer

    I think you have a good amount of experience for a 2 yr old pilot. However, the lack of solo kills I would expect in that time is concerning. Your subcap pilot is missing crucial drone skills such as t2 sentries or heavies, you gotta max out gunnery support skills, and you better be good in a battleship if you consider that a subcap pilot worthy of ISRAD. Your fits are alright but in PL you are expected to be able to field a wide range of ships, not just support. What direction do you plan to take in terms of training your character? What role do you see yourself playing within ISRAD? Which players in PL did you specifically fly with? What do you plan to be good at and what sets you apart from any other applicant? Lastly, what is your favorite Pokémon and state your reasons why.
  3. hey fuckers

    are you reddy tho
  4. Overman Application

    Overman is indeed a good man and basically invented "fishbutt" and got banned for it many times. I'm on a break from EVE right now due to work but I wanted to say that I've flown with him longer than a lot of ppl here while in MM and -A-. He has years of experience (during some key wars) and I remember him being a pretty loyal dude to his corpmates, despite MV being literal AIDS in space at times. He was a large part of MM's bomber division, which had its moments. Overall I think he would be useful if given responsibilities.
  5. Wapplejack

    when there is a will there is a way
  6. de4deye

    What line-up of six Pokémon would you use to fight the Elite Four? Original 151 only.
  7. Actually Not an App

    Wheres #26