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  1. didn't read app; vouching
  2. I think you have a good amount of experience for a 2 yr old pilot. However, the lack of solo kills I would expect in that time is concerning. Your subcap pilot is missing crucial drone skills such as t2 sentries or heavies, you gotta max out gunnery support skills, and you better be good in a battleship if you consider that a subcap pilot worthy of ISRAD. Your fits are alright but in PL you are expected to be able to field a wide range of ships, not just support. What direction do you plan to take in terms of training your character? What role do you see yourself playing within ISRAD? Which players in PL did you specifically fly with? What do you plan to be good at and what sets you apart from any other applicant? Lastly, what is your favorite Pokémon and state your reasons why.
  3. are you reddy tho
  4. when there is a will there is a way
  5. What line-up of six Pokémon would you use to fight the Elite Four? Original 151 only.
  6. Wheres #26
  7. Good 'tar
  8. Are you willing to return this character to the real Cuebick when he someday returns?
  9. What six Pokémon would you use if you had to fight the Elite Four? Original 151 only, no legendaries.
  10. What six Pokémon would you use if you had to fight the Elite Four? Original 151 only, no legendaries.
  11. I'm only writing this post because Radakos is a bro and maybe Kinzer is a chill guy irl. From my side, it was nothing personal. For some reason he thinks his rejection had to do with his specific comments about ARROW but it's not. It has more to do with his application as a whole and his skill-set. Everything about him is "fairweather." Here's a definition because I feel many people misunderstand the term: Even the timing itself of his OP (as we burn the fuck out of Goons) was self-explanatory. "Calling me disloyal implied that I ever had any loyalty to MM and Arrow to begin with. I had none. ARROW deserved none." You can replace "MM" and "Arrow" with "PL" and "ISRAD", respectively. It will hold true with this guy. If not, maybe he should have re-evaluated his words like a motherfucker before he posted. Anyway, the real reason he was rejected was because we believe there isn't anything unique he can bring to the table as a corp member. I genuinely wish him the best of luck and hope he finds what he's looking for.
  12. If you say so. We didn't have a chance to get your full APIs because you left. The timing of it all was suspect and it's very difficult to track POS theft anyway. Whatever the case, it's been 5 years and nothing can be proven at this point. ARROW was an older corp and was not in its prime when you had joined but I don't remember you voicing any concerns about things on the corp/alliance level. You actually didn't speak much at all or post in the ARROW forums. In the end, it was the corp you joined; I suppose what you did like was the good ratting space while you made as much money as you could in Tribute/Vale while looking for a new home. When I speak of loyalty, I mean not leaving when things get rough and working towards improving the team you join. In a game like this, these things are inevitable. Players leave due to RL, activity/content changes, nothing lasts forever. However, you never commented on "why the house is on fire" or attempted to put it out. If you didn't steal from us, I apologize in advance. However, I simply don't find your decision to join ISRAD at this time to be for genuine reasons.
  13. You were a shit member, I remember you because Arrow was my first corp. I remember you doing nothing but ratting for the majority of your time spent with us "while looking for a new home". There were corp spreadsheets illustrating this. You also coincidentally left around the same time there was a major theft out of our corp POS. We never figured out who it was but guess who my prime suspect was since the beginning? You. C/D? And for the record, we didn't make a switch to Drake doctrine when you left corp, we were still using BS and we didn't stop using them regularly until atleast the end of April. We were fighting what was to be a losing war and people like you were jumping ship. Even if you weren't the one who stole from us, you are the epitome of fairweather baggage and have absolutely no loyalty. "I've always kind of idolized EO. I knew I'd want to come here if I wanted to fly in null and Goons ever went to shit." Why should I expect any different if you come to ISRAD? Why am I not surprised you choose this time to do it?