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  1. Arthas Menethyl - Application

    it's not actually a troll tho, it's for shits and giggles but we never troll each other in Adversity try again please
  2. Celestial Tea - Application

    except lex and capri will you support my efforts to become the new capqu in light of him turning his back on The Legion
  3. Supreme Leader Mao - Application

  4. Supreme Leader Mao - Application

    you pretty clearly have almost zero idea how to capital ship which is the main thing i'm talking about you also stand a good chance of encountering a wild vouch into a pl corp while a member of horde or waffles, which is a tremendous benefit if pl is your end-goal here
  5. Supreme Leader Mao - Application

    a big part of learning to be good at larger scale pvp is to literally turn your brain off completely, and some people with small gang backgrounds have an unusual amount of trouble with that seriously tho, look at waffles or horde. believe it or not, those guys have caps too, and they use them pretty regularly. pl isn't a training alliance, and adversity isn't a training corp, we're really not here to help you learn anything - if you don't already function at the appropriate level you'd basically just get hazed out anyway
  6. Supreme Leader Mao - Application

    since you don't have a vouch in adversity, what would wasa or stormguard say if I asked them about you? realistically it doesn't look like you'd be a great fit here, maybe join horde or waffles and get some experience with larger scale pvp then come see us in a few months
  7. SenshiMaru - Application

    >joke answers
  8. LordMidget - Application

    how many boxes do u box usually
  9. Dryden Gootch - Application.

    the other doctrine in question was pl/rdn/nc thundercats, 10mn ahac hml tengus they were successful then because t2 fit tengus had 250k ehp and hmls pre-nerf did ~550-600dps with faction ammo the new loki (and the fit you linked) fills a similar role, although not as tanky, and neither does it do as much dps (mostly due to hml nerf), although it is substantially faster at ~900m/s vs the old tengu at 600 unfortunately i'm not really sure they're viable due to the significant loss of tank and the fact that there aren't any real shield brawling support ships, aside from maybe more lokis
  10. Dryden Gootch - Application.

    yea she's p cute so this is interesting because this is a discussion that we had in tactics recently, and that i actually had with capri on discord about last week i think there's another doctrine that used an afterburning, heavy missile, shield tanked t3c. do you know what it was, why it was good, and what's different between that ship and the era it was used in, and this loki and the present fleet meta? not trying to grill you on numbers or shit just wanna see your thought process is all are you comfortable filling other important roles in a fleet? doing shit like anchoring, logi anchoring, scouting, moving cynos, basically anything that isn't just being an f1'er in a dps ship?
  11. Dryden Gootch - Application.

    elaborate? ESL, speech impediment, anxiety? hml lokis are pretty neat but if you're gonna use fury to fluff the dps numbers then riddle me this: why would you not just fit HAM? if you're that close, you might as well give up any pretense of kiting and brawl, right? "emma watson is an overused/old #18" isn't a normie opinion. she's literally second on the list behind taylor swift. did you miss the part where it says "bonus points are awarded for originality"
  12. Ormarr Kai - Application

    also can you elaborate on this
  13. Ormarr Kai - Application

    i'm concerned that your plan is to put your only capital capable alt into a super we don't really do the "put the super into a keepstar when i'm not using it" meme around here. if we told you right now that you'd be required to have an alt separate from your subcap main and your supercap alt, capable of flying a t2 triage apostle and a t2 siege dread (pref rev), what would your plan be to accomplish that?
  14. For paperpusher convenience

    how many rorqs can u box and do u know how to roll wormholes