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  1. thoughts?
  2. +1, give him a trial at least
  3. no <-10.0> ticker, no vote
  4. >thinking avrse is a training corp
  5. only stupid people ask those kind of questions many accounts = many useful
  6. obvious flattery aside that's really not a very good answer why specifically adversity? why not any other PL corp?
  7. am i wrong about the 6-month no-vouch rule? or did that go away when we stopped being vouch-only? i'm lost dude
  8. literally a montage of "orbit f1" pvp in a snaked garmur jfyi we have a 6-month probationary period in which you cannot vouch new joins, in case you were hoping to join and then vouch in all your buds aka if you do manage to get in, don't think you're gonna pull a bradford clear and vouch in 20 of your buds who immediately go inactive and/or are trash
  9. brenda quit and jousake melted his sp soooooo
  10. idk if you realize this or if there was a lack of clarity between the terms "vouch" and "sponsor" but if you do not have an in-corp vouch you do not join adversity and you are unlikely to find a way in to any other PL corp without an in-corp vouch either, so pack up your NC vouches and go join NC lmbo