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  1. how many rorqs can u box and do u know how to roll wormholes
  2. it's not popcornish, koenig was just unhappy with the effort level of his answer to the "tell us about your eve career" question and made him write an exhaustive one. there's nothing really exciting or new in it, he just took the question seriously is all
  3. the fact that you're not taking any of our questions seriously is telling
  4. pls no continent-identity shaming
  5. but it can. people talk. if you apply to a bunch of different groups while clearly not meeting the requirements you will build a reputation as a shitter trying to weasel his way in somewhere nice and you will find increasing resistance to your applications
  6. red flag number one: no vouch red flag number two: recent history with enemies red flag number three: being young also as someone in a similar career field: don't do it, it is not worth it red flag number four: not meeting entry requirements red flag number five: pl is not a training alliance red flag number six: not understanding the question (nano ships do not face tank) red flag number seven: ramboi red flag number eight: #18 not cute nor a girl if you're serious about improving as a pvper and being a member of the pl community, go join horde. spend some time there. finish your tech school and focus on figuring out why we're making fun of you in this thread pl isn't the place for you, not yet anyway, and your memes are nowhere near dank enough to get you into adversity this has been your honest, low-to-no meme post explaining why applying was a bad idea
  7. the wall just got ten feet higher :house_with_wall:
  8. a) useful doesn't even enter into the discussion. are you gonna help us build the (detta) wall, or not? b) dettas are actually useful, it turns out, when you have a bunch of them serious question: i thought lex was using your pc to do the games on, is that the case/was it ever? if it is, how will you divide up your time?
  9. thoughts?
  10. +1, give him a trial at least
  11. no <-10.0> ticker, no vote
  12. >thinking avrse is a training corp
  13. only stupid people ask those kind of questions many accounts = many useful
  14. obvious flattery aside that's really not a very good answer why specifically adversity? why not any other PL corp?
  15. am i wrong about the 6-month no-vouch rule? or did that go away when we stopped being vouch-only? i'm lost dude