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  1. Goborn

    Did this guy give up?
  2. Wheres the justice?!

    vouch. get this man some justice.
  3. Goborn

    Is this a troll account?
  4. Goborn

    Do you like flying blops/hunting? Do you hate goons? Are you gay?
  5. Goborn

    Art is ok but he's trying to take my man
  6. Goborn

    are gonna just do whatever @somnolence says if you get in corp?
  7. Goborn

    Draw a self portrait using your favourite image editing software and post it here tia
  8. Goborn

    Do you play divinity? Will you actually heal me when I need it unlike @somnolence?
  9. SilverBack Rotineque

    I like Cooper
  10. Enigma06

    Welcome to PL
  11. SilverBack Rotineque

    I know @SilverBack Rotineque. He's a good man. I'd follow him into real life battle as well as space battle.
  12. Enigma06

    how do you feel PL lines up with your morals? We are a strong Christian homosexual alliance.
  13. Jason Knight

  14. Jason Knight

    I too would like to know the answer to this
  15. Gallente Rebel

    applying to another corp in PL just kinda shits on the first corp you applied to don't you think?