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  1. Val Thropp


    These answers are acceptable.
  2. Val Thropp


    Which is better, Ableton or FL? What's your favorite synth? if you get this wrong I will -1 you.
  3. Val Thropp

    Saitek Intakinio

    @Saitek Intakinio oh by the way I see in horde discord you need help moving your cap from fade because you have no cyno alts.
  4. Val Thropp

    Saitek Intakinio

    How do you intend to do this without a Cyno?
  5. Val Thropp

    Saitek Intakinio

  6. Val Thropp

    Saitek Intakinio

    Your app is fucking retarded as fuck. Why our corp with no vouch? Why only one character if you fly fucking caps how are you even able to move them? Why did you post these kills? you killed a fucking Astero not a STRATIOS. Do you intend to be this retarded in our space guild? Why is your blops fit fucking retarded and how can you fix it? Why broadcast for reps on BOMB DAMAGE???? Is this a troll?
  7. Val Thropp

    Hustlan Jones

    I'm glad you fixed yourself to be a dog guy tbh
  8. Val Thropp

    Hustlan Jones

    do you think cats are better than dogs? please explain your answer in at least one well thought out paragraph. It's very important.
  9. Val Thropp

    Bodewhin Schwarz - Returning Vera. Player

    Fuck I missed it
  10. Val Thropp


    He's an okay meme maker, for what it's worth.
  11. Val Thropp


    you spell Air Force funny but what do I know I eat crayons. @SilverBack Rotineque I feel focus grouped.
  12. Val Thropp


    which branch is the best and why?
  13. Val Thropp


    assuming your vouch shows up: Which coast is the "best coast" and why? How do you feel about California as a whole? Have you served in the military? if so what branch?
  14. Val Thropp

    Bill Auduin

    Bill is a good man
  15. Val Thropp


    Did this guy give up?