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  1. Trottel Elf

    Tyr Dolorem

    Cool, get someone to verify you via voice and we'll go from there.
  2. Trottel Elf


    Hey my friend, I too run lvl 5 missions. Pm me those sheets kthx!
  3. Trottel Elf

    Wannabe -=Elite=-

    ya but are you indian tho?
  4. Trottel Elf


    Just App to Horde ingame, you will get a Mail with instructions once accepted. i will send you a Forum PM once we are recruiting again. Also, keep your old toonie names and salethreads ready for that, we will have to Go over them all.
  5. Trottel Elf


    Hi @Moonapoon So our recruitment is currently closed, however I am willed to accept Ronalds PostMortem Vouch after we reopen recruitment. I sadly cant give you a better timeframe atm, it could be anywhere from 1 week to a month. My advice is to join horde during that time and relearn some of the game, farm some isk for your dread / triage toonie or masturbate. Should you still be interested & active after we reopen recruitment you are welcome to join. Thats a nice catto btw.
  6. Trottel Elf


    Soooo. Unless you get one of your vouches to remember your voice & actually vouch for you, the answer is gonna be fuck off.
  7. Trottel Elf


    Do you think Ron would be proud after reading this 'app'?
  8. Trottel Elf

    Saitek Intakinio

    You are forking, not spearfishing idiot. 200 kills is less than what most people get in a month. Kilo is not even in ISRAD and he is trolling you. You play since 2006 on and off. It took you 12 years of learning to become what I can only describe as a pile of retarded shit. Ima make it short because you start to become boring and the meme is getting stale: You have neither the required Fax alt, nor the required Dread alt, nor any alts. You dont have a vouch You dont meet activity requirements You are a retarded F1 pusher ( and you are even bad at that) You are cheating at Ice fishing. Tl;dr: No thank you, stay in horde or wherever you wanna be. Bye
  9. Trottel Elf

    Saitek Intakinio

    @Saitek Intakiniowhy should we recruit you? You have shown 0 initiative to address peoples concerns so far.
  10. Trottel Elf

    Saitek Intakinio

    GTFO hoover fags, this is our retard
  11. Trottel Elf

    Saitek Intakinio

    Holy shit this is amazing BIG VOUCH
  12. Trottel Elf

    Saitek Intakinio

    @Saitek Intakinio Post more fits so I can laugh at them please :Joy:
  13. Trottel Elf

    Saitek Intakinio

    Why are the retarded apps always from Americans?
  14. Trottel Elf

    Hustlan Jones

    Good cattos, your Hel fit is still shit, and its not the missing capital MWD
  15. Trottel Elf

    Hustlan Jones

    no catto pics -1 to the dumpster thread closed ok bye