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  1. Goborn

    Your fits bring shame to madkicker.
  2. Wheres the justice?!

    Get the fuck outta my corps forums you waffle tard
  3. Goborn

    @Madkicker Pms you and asks you to join his Drone' group. What do you do? He also wants to see fits for: A solo shield blops, a meme Hel, a not garbage T3 hunter.
  4. Goborn

    are you lost?
  5. Goborn

    I'd rather read Rive posts than read your cancer colored app again.
  6. SilverBack Rotineque

    What would you do if @Madkicker pm's you and asks for a Solo Shield blops fit?
  7. Jason Knight

    I heard rumours of you actually being a badposter. Any drama you want to share with us?
  8. Jason Knight

    But yah, Indian and doesnt bring shame to Madkicker, +1 from me :D
  9. Jason Knight

    So you are a hipster yiff?
  10. Jason Knight

    Wtf is that profile pic. Are you a furry Do you yiff
  11. Jason Knight

    One day a guy called Madkicker PM's you and asks for your best solo Shield blops. What do you do?
  12. Gallente Rebel

    Tl;dr: Apped to NOX 3 weeks ago, rejected because inactive, no Triage, no Dread and no vouch. Still no Triage, still no Dread, still no vouch. Lmfao
  13. Val Thropp

    Sticking purps in it doesn't make it a good fit. Will you need to be reminded to fit your rigs like certain individuals in this alliance?
  14. Val Thropp

    Honestly. Just redo the whole fit, it is a dumpsterfire. Make an actual fit for a situation where YOU would actually use it. Explain your fitting choices. And I swear to god if its another copy pasta dumpster fire, I will kill myself and buy Ordos Aeon.
  15. Val Thropp

    add the MWD to this list. Edit: And the DCU. And the RCU.