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  1. Willam Crane

    Seeing as everyone posts in this... Will you replace my Sabre?
  2. Warmonger App

    Posting in epic thread
  3. Archeras Umangiar

    That's not how you roleplay as ISRAD.
  4. Quetzalcoatl FortyTwo

    Will you translate for us when some russian pubbies give us salt in local?
  5. Stafford Magnus

    Wishing someone a stroke just because he feeds blops is not nice :C
  6. Stafford Magnus

    So you seem like an Ok guy so I'll just say it straight away without trolling you too much: Our recruitment is vouch only aswell. And yes, that Widow fit is pretty bad, so perfect to help @Madkicker in his cause to feed blops
  7. Stafford Magnus

    You get a forum PM by a player named @Madkicker who invites you to his Blops group if you give him a Shield Blops fit. What do you do? How do you react?
  8. Kappa 4Head

    V O U C H
  9. Priamus Wyvern

    cmon man that was like 2 days ago
  10. Priamus Wyvern

    I fuck sheep but sometimes I fuck pigs and horses if I can't find a nice sheep nearby.
  11. somnolence

    Give @Baasima your best HML Stratios fit.
  12. somnolence

    Describe yourself using ONLY 5 emoji's ( max 1 Variation of :thinking:, :potato: is reserved)
  13. somnolence

    LOL stay in Waffles
  14. somnolence

    Yeah that fit made me cringe too. Why did you think that Deemer fit was a good idea? Holy god that Ninazu fit is enough Aids to wipe an African town
  15. somnolence

    Your favorite kills are litteraly you waiting to be spoonfed .-.