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  1. I am bad and I feel bad

    This is a textbook example of how NOT to approach coming back to the corp. Beg to get back in...then promptly decide to not log in for a solid month. A+ GJ
  2. I am bad and I feel bad

  3. Justykek

    Today is Saturday, you applied on Wednesday. Despite this, you still have 10 whole kills to your name for the month. This shit doesn't inspire any confidence at all that you will be active.
  4. Justykek

    It's not fake, it indicates activity across a period of time which is what we look for in recruits. It also gives us some indication to the type of content you participate in and play in, whether it be small gang or fleet PVP. No one simply "pads" their killboard for four months before applying here, people go out and either create content (which we look for), or at least find someone to F1 monkey with for a few months to prove they are at least capable of doing that without quitting the game. There is no point in this corp investing in someone that is just going to disappear in a week, which this requirement helps prevent. Come up with a better answer please, as I find your response to be pretty fucking mediocre at best. Edit: Also, this app has been up for 16 hours, knowing that we are a PVP Corp that prides itself on content creation...why have you still not undocked and done something to fix that atrocious killboard?
  5. Lunariia - I might be slightly retarded

    @Lunariia not even a week ago you told me you needed more time off from the game, and also couldn't afford to get accounts subbed. What changed?
  6. MrMojo Mercurium

    You have a vouch from @Joshua Doyle (and as a result, Reza) which is pretty much all that needs to be said. The Horde shit aside, for which I can understand both positions, you seem like you have a solid head on your shoulders. Divisive faggotry isn't allowed, condoned, or accepted in Waffles, but Waffles is also a much tighter knit group than Horde is. That being said, what I would like you to do is go through your list of characters on the initial application post and break down for me the intended (and future) role of each one. I could dig through your EVE-Boards and try to infer but that's a lot of effort, so I'd like you to do it. You've already said that you have a low kill count (and you most certainly do), but your vouch says that won't be an issue and you'll be active, so I look forward to you proving him correct.
  7. Zach Agittain

    I see you already have a 2nd account training caps, which is good. Cap alts are important, Dread and FAX alts specifically. However, your characters though are both incredibly low SP for what we do here, and you're easily a year away from the cap alt being viable in either a Dread or FAX. Additionally, your main is unable to fly even the most basic support ships for the vast majority of our doctrines. With such low SP I'm not certain I see a scenario in which you would be able to actually contribute to the corp effectively. I'd personally suggest sticking it out in Horde and flying around with ISBAD for a bit longer, maybe check out some of Hordes SIG's (I think they call them BIGs? I don't know...) while you continue to train up.
  8. The Aggressor

    What is your opinion of individuals who purchase super cheap Nyx's at a bro price (for corp members), when said individuals plan is to leave and join another corp to be a director?
  9. Kappa 4Head

    It's a real shame that your Pure Avarice application got deleted, then I'd have a reference to point to where you said you'd totally grown up and understood how to control your totally-not-made-up-autism. Nice to see you've returned to your roots though. App denied.
  10. Molly Shears

    Re-write this thing and this time try take more than 10 seconds to answer each question...
  11. Your Mother Tyrone (pulled)

    WTF are you on about? His answers are good and he's showing a willingness to learn/experience other areas of gameplay. Not to mention he has a dictor alt which I told all of you useless faggots to train three months ago but still somehow only get two in fleet on a regular basis. Provide legitimate feedback on these apps or just stay the fuck out of them. If you just want to shitpost the Adversity section is two up.
  12. Creone

  13. Creone

    Edit: BTW update your EVE Boards
  14. Creone

    How do you feel about competitive internal tournaments that take three months to complete and pair US, EU, and AUTZ members together on the same team?
  15. Ryan Ijonen

    Because you put a decent amount of effort into responding to peoples questions I'll give you some feedback on skills. 1. Extract... Fighters 5 = 3m Light fighters 4 = 500k Heavy Fighters 4 = 500k Support Fighters 4 = 500k Freighter skills? Get rid of these...its very rare that you would want to be doing freighter stuff on your main. Carrier skills...extract for now...can re-train later. 2. Leave it alone JDC5 - Leave it in, same with JFC4 better than having to retrain this shit later when you want to BLOPs, and you already have Gallente BS 5 so may as well keep the requisite jump skills 3. Train Amarr Cruiser 5 Minmatar Cruiser 5 Minmatar BS 4 Comps to at least 4 (Both Shield and Armor..5 is...ideal...but you're missing lots of other shit too so) Medium Energy Turret 5 Large Projectile Turret 5 Nanite skills (repairing is important) Sensor comps to 4/5 Medium Drones 5 Heavy Drones (4 is acceptable with low SP tbh...just use faction heavies) Sentry Drones (4 as well...factions until you have non shit skills everywhere else and can deovte time to getting T2 sentries) Logistics Cruiser 5 Remote rep skills... Cyno to 4 (if you ever want to use a cyno ceptor getting LO down to 300 is important) That's just a quick overview after taking a fast look at your eveboard. On top of that, single account applicants won't survive here. You need to immediately begin training cap alts on separate accounts...FAX/Dread alts are all but required these days.