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  1. Murtific

    This is a post where I tell you (and subsequently any other Waffle that feels the need to show up in here/other corps recruitment section) to stay the fuck out of other corps recruitment threads. No one here gives a shit about your questions/opinions, and I would have expected that as a former Recruiter for our corp you'd of been able to muster together the brain cells required to come to this conclusion yourself. Apologies to CYNOU.
  2. I'm back!

    I actually kind of missed you, and glad you got your internet sorted finally. How does it feel to no longer live in ~Europe~? :D (Welcome back -- Also White should have been in touch)
  3. Back, Want to Come Home

    You know, on the off-chance that you were right and I was confusing you with someone else I said fuck it and went back and read everything pertaining to that event. But you aren't. The facts are that you were running caps for the op, fed after making a series of dumb mistakes, were offered what was at the time very constructive criticism, rebuked it, got pissy, and left corp to go join MC. That's the "story", since instead of just accepting it and answering my initial question with a simple "No", or just ignoring it, you felt like need to flex. But since you're flexing I'll say that on the assumption you get back in, since it's Reza's call at the end of the day and I imagine he'll give you another chance, there's a nice culture check thread regarding a willingness to learn and accept criticisms/feedback (instead of acting like a know-it-all) that you should probably take a long hard look at and commit to memory. If my responses to you sound hostile, it's because I have no sympathy for quitters, which that event showed me you were. Take your lickings and build from the experiences. Or you can keep flexing, and see where that gets you.
  4. Back, Want to Come Home

    Nah I think collectively all of you were dumb, you were just the only one that got buttmad over being called out and "needed a break". Glad to see you still cant just man up and take the criticism though, I imagine your stay here will be extremely successful.
  5. I'm back

    Russian mail order brides are dangerous my friend... White should be in touch soon.
  6. I'm back

    What was your reason for going AFK? Don't see any information in your LOA thread. Edit: I'm assuming @White 0rchid or one of the recruiters will be in touch or something.
  7. I'm ready to come home again

    One of the recruiters or @White 0rchid should be getting in touch with you.
  8. Back, Want to Come Home

    If accepted back in, you're not going to cry about getting called out for feeding and run off to MC again are you?
  9. I am bad and I feel bad

    This is a textbook example of how NOT to approach coming back to the corp. Beg to get back in...then promptly decide to not log in for a solid month. A+ GJ
  10. I am bad and I feel bad

  11. Justykek

    Today is Saturday, you applied on Wednesday. Despite this, you still have 10 whole kills to your name for the month. This shit doesn't inspire any confidence at all that you will be active.
  12. Justykek

    It's not fake, it indicates activity across a period of time which is what we look for in recruits. It also gives us some indication to the type of content you participate in and play in, whether it be small gang or fleet PVP. No one simply "pads" their killboard for four months before applying here, people go out and either create content (which we look for), or at least find someone to F1 monkey with for a few months to prove they are at least capable of doing that without quitting the game. There is no point in this corp investing in someone that is just going to disappear in a week, which this requirement helps prevent. Come up with a better answer please, as I find your response to be pretty fucking mediocre at best. Edit: Also, this app has been up for 16 hours, knowing that we are a PVP Corp that prides itself on content creation...why have you still not undocked and done something to fix that atrocious killboard?
  13. Lunariia - I might be slightly retarded

    @Lunariia not even a week ago you told me you needed more time off from the game, and also couldn't afford to get accounts subbed. What changed?
  14. MrMojo Mercurium

    You have a vouch from @Joshua Doyle (and as a result, Reza) which is pretty much all that needs to be said. The Horde shit aside, for which I can understand both positions, you seem like you have a solid head on your shoulders. Divisive faggotry isn't allowed, condoned, or accepted in Waffles, but Waffles is also a much tighter knit group than Horde is. That being said, what I would like you to do is go through your list of characters on the initial application post and break down for me the intended (and future) role of each one. I could dig through your EVE-Boards and try to infer but that's a lot of effort, so I'd like you to do it. You've already said that you have a low kill count (and you most certainly do), but your vouch says that won't be an issue and you'll be active, so I look forward to you proving him correct.