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  1. Eonan Dmalum

    Temptress Truborn

    Implying CptnAmazin was male? This thread delivers on all fronts.
  2. Eonan Dmalum

    Johnny Riko - Looking to return

    Plz stay away with norovirus. One of the recruiters should be in touch...try not to get sick again this week
  3. Eonan Dmalum

    Sheppey Omaristos

    Think it's been less than 6 months but if not +1.
  4. Eonan Dmalum

    Johnny Riko - Looking to return

    Manes brings up good questions. Please address them and we'll look at how to approach coming back.
  5. Eonan Dmalum

    Sofia Zabkova

    What part of Wisconsin are you in?
  6. Eonan Dmalum

    Ready to get back in the grove

    I thought we were finally rid of all our divisive poles?
  7. Eonan Dmalum

    Back after long break

    By normal recruitment process I mean just find some vouches sand post a normal app.
  8. Eonan Dmalum

    Back after long break

    Will page @White 0rchid but to be honest knowing that the last time you were actually active was back in May of last year, I'd prefer you go through a normal recruitment process. It's nothing personal, you just went AFK with no post in the LOA or anything. https://zkillboard.com/character/96099495/stats/
  9. Eonan Dmalum

    Nakranoth Milesios

  10. Eonan Dmalum


    Thread staying open so that you can all witness what not to do on a recruitment forum.
  11. Eonan Dmalum

    Temptress Truborn

    Whoever told you that is a fucking moron. Also jesus...I clicked the zkill. Nope. Rigs are wrong.
  12. Eonan Dmalum

    chemical commander

    Answer this please, as there are some discrepancies between what you posted in your app and what we've been told otherwise. Also, a shield HIC with no way to regain cap (NOS or even a small cap booster) is questionable at best. Also, Puchoco is correct, despite being Greek. This is Waffles, not Snigg. Perhaps you posted your app in the wrong place?
  13. Eonan Dmalum

    Temptress Truborn

    I'm not able to throw all these fits in to Pyfa to take a look at them but off the bat, no cyno or NOS on that Phobos is a little questionable. Also a lack of faction plates, which aren't expensive and allow for easier fitting choices and more HP.
  14. Eonan Dmalum


    This is a post where I tell you (and subsequently any other Waffle that feels the need to show up in here/other corps recruitment section) to stay the fuck out of other corps recruitment threads. No one here gives a shit about your questions/opinions, and I would have expected that as a former Recruiter for our corp you'd of been able to muster together the brain cells required to come to this conclusion yourself. Apologies to CYNOU.
  15. Eonan Dmalum

    I'm back!

    I actually kind of missed you, and glad you got your internet sorted finally. How does it feel to no longer live in ~Europe~? :D (Welcome back -- Also White should have been in touch)