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  1. Prometheus Satyen

    Application - Cyanerd

    Hi and thanks for applying to our illustrious corporation. First some questions and then some advice: 1. What happened to your old characters and why do you keep "starting fresh," are those old characters of any use? 2. From what I can see you have only one PvP character and probably only one account. Considering that most members of this corp have 4-5+ accounts, how would you work to rectify this? 3. You have no capital alts, since PL requires a Dread/FAX alt at minimum, how would you rectify this? 4. Two weeks in Horde isn't much to prove you're not just gonna run off and get bored in a few weeks, why should we trust you to maintain activity after you join? 5. In the application form you were asked to explain why you're not just another F1 pusher and you responded by basically saying you are a good F1 pusher. Can you answer this question again properly this time, what sets you apart from literally any random mango I could pick out of a Pandemic Horde fleet? If you wish to join SNIGG I'd strongly recommend you take a look at our training corp "Total Mayhem", and spend some time there proving yourself whilst training the necessary alts to succeed in PL. Good luck with whatever path you take.
  2. Prometheus Satyen

    wh corp Looking to Join PL

    which one of you gay memers made this troll account.
  3. Prometheus Satyen


    Thanks for the answers, good luck with the app.
  4. Prometheus Satyen


    I don't consider 7 kills in a month "active". I picked 7 because before those four months in Summer 2017 that is the most kills you've ever had in a month. It was a serious question and I'd appreciate a serious answer and an actual fit, along with reasoning as to why you fit it the way you did, and why you think it is superior/inferior to alternatives.
  5. Prometheus Satyen


    Paldave is good man and he said to ask you some questions so here's a few: From what I can see you've been active for a grand total of 4 months (June to September 2017) over your 10 years playing the game. Do you have another character that you sold or something? You seem to have the ability to fly our required capital doctrines (Apostle/Dread) which is great, however I don't see much capital usage on any of your killboards (a grand total of a single kill with a Revelation). How experienced would you say you are with capital ships? Could you clarify what precisely you have an exceptional level of experience with? What kind of activities do you imagine yourself getting involved with in the Legion on day 1 to help us in our quest for 0wnage? Make me a fit for a Marshal and then tell me why the Marshal is the worst Black Ops class spaceship.
  6. Prometheus Satyen

    Corp Looking to Join PL

    I liked it better when cynou was a weeb corp.
  7. Fucking @Xeno Szenn As the link loaded in my browser I saw 598 and just sat back waiting for the redirect. God damn it.
  8. baited by @Xeno Szenn on a free waffle culture check thread