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  1. If you have any questions you should reach out to one of the people listed below. Uther Moldune [USTZ] Discord: @Uther Moldune#1290 Forum PM: @Uther Moldune bader 1 [EUTZ] Discord: @dom#8090 Forum PM: @bader 1
  2. Returning members: Returning members of Snigg in good standing are welcome back at any time. Please make a post indicating your desire to return, you do not have to fill out the application form. Please attempt to find a current member of Snigg/PL who can verify that you are who you say you are (preferably by voice). New applicants who have not previously been members of Snigg/PL: Sniggerdly is a PvP focused corporation that has been playing EVE for over 10 years. We are one of the original two founding corporations of Pandemic Legion, and the only one still open. Our CEO is Hedliner, who also serves as PL's alliance leader. We currently have approximately 120 people in our corporation from all over the world. We expect the following from our members: Maturity: You must be at least 18 years old. We expect our members to be mature, and not cause undue amounts of drama. If you are a well-known drama queen/idiot, you should probably give Snigg a miss as you will not last here. Commitment: Snigg is not your side project or summer home. If you are applying here, you're saying goodbye to whatever current corporation or alliance you are or were a part of completely, and giving Snigg 100% of your attention when it comes to EVE. If you can't handle this, don't bother applying. Activity: You should be active and interested in EVE, Snigg is not a retirement home. If you do not participate in alliance fleets on a regular basis you will be kicked for inactivity. We are obviously accommodating to various real life circumstances. Experience: You do not have to be the foremost EVE expert who understands every esoteric mechanic but if we have to teach you how to burn to a destination or what a HIC is then you are definitely not ready for Snigg. Skillpoints: There is no absolute minimum SP but you should have good support skills, and ideally be able to fly most subcaps in the game. We would hope that you have at least 20 Mil SP, if you have under that we would expect you to be very enthusiastic about rapidly developing your character with injectors. Accounts/Capitals: Almost all Snigg members have multiple accounts, here are some possible/common setups: 2 accounts: Main on one account which can fly subcaps and also a carrier, dread+FAX alt on the other account 3 accounts: Main on 1st account, dread+FAX alt on 2nd account, carrier on 3rd account 4+ accounts: Add in combinations of supercapitals, titans, dictors, scanners, cynos, etc. Generally you would fill the remaining slots on your accounts with useful things like cyno and dictor pilots. It is not absolutely necessary to have capitals fully trained before you apply but you will be expected to quickly train/inject into them if accepted. We move deployments frequently and not having access to capital(s) with JDC V to move your stuff will make it very painful to keep up. You will be expected to provide FULL ESI (API) access to all of your characters/accounts both during your application and for the entirety of your tenure in Snigg. This includes every account you own and use, regardless of their purpose or whether you use them with the alliance. You may be purged without warning if we discover you own additional accounts you have not disclosed. Other things you need to survive in Snigg include a microphone, thick skin and a way to generate ISK, whether it be through in-game PvE or buying PLEX. We have SRP for useful roles in fleet such as logi/links/recons/dictors but DPS losses are generally not reimbursed. We can offer options for making ISK in coalition space as well as guidance on alternative options. Regarding Vouches/Sponsors You can join Snigg without any vouches/sponsors. They are not necessary. That said, if you do know someone in Snigg who you think would be willing to vouch for you or even just say nice things about you, that is likely to be very beneficial to your application. Please reach out to them and see if they are OK with you naming them in your application. Link them your application once you post it so they can post their recommendation/thoughts. Confidentiality Your application will only be visible to you and current members of PL. It will be considered in confidence and members of PL are not permitted to share the fact that you are applying or any of the details disclosed in your application. If you are still concerned that an application here could cause loss of access to your assets/other issues with your current EVE group due to them having a spy in PL, please PM Prometheus Satyen or Uther Moldune on Discord to discuss how best we can proceed whilst keeping you safe. You can find our Discord details in the "Current Recruitment Contacts" thread. This is very unlikely to be necessary unless you are a high level director defecting from a hostile coalition. Application Instructions Register on these forums with your EXACT in-game main character name. Use a strong password that you have not used on any other websites, particularly other EVE/EVE alliance websites. Copy and paste the application form/questions into a new thread in the Sniggerdly Public Recruitment > Applications forum and fill out your answers below each question. Please name the thread your exact in-game main character name, e.g. if your EVE name is John Doe, you should name your thread John Doe. Please try to use good spelling/grammar/punctuation. Think carefully about your answers and put some effort into them. If you do not take your application seriously we probably won't either. Go to https://tokenscope.pandemic-legion.pl/ and sign in, then follow the instructions on the page to add all of your alt characters. Check back frequently and answer any questions asked by Snigg members in the thread. You should expect a decision within 7-14 days. Do not apply in-game until/unless instructed to do so by a recruiter. Application Form/Questions: Copy and paste this into a new thread and type your answer below each question. 1. List anyone you know in Sniggerdly and how you know them (make sure that you talk to these people and confirm they are OK with you naming them here). Strict vouches/sponsors are not necessary but are beneficial. 2. Please list all of your accounts/characters, and provide links to their killboards (zkillboard.com) and skill sheets (eveskillboard.com). If you have characters that you do not want to disclose where all of PL can see them, that is OK but please make sure to disclose them to your recruiter when asked to provide ESI (API) access. 3. How old are you, where do you live and what languages do you speak? Tell us a bit about you, what do you like to do outside of EVE? 4. Which time zone sees the most of your playing time (US/EU/AU)? 5. How many hours do you play EVE on average per week? 6. Tell uѕ about your history in EVE. Where have you been? What have you done? Who are your friends? Your enemies? What was your most memorable fight? Be thorough! Write a book! 7. Why are you leaving your current corporation and/or alliance? Please let us know what you did and didn't like about your previous home. 8. Why do you want to join Sniggerdly? Where did you hear about us? 9. Are you a shit disturber? Have you caused drama or headache to those around you? Be honest. 10. What ѕetѕ you apart from being yet another F1 pushing member in fleets? Give examples of you being useful such as providing cynos, dictoring, hunting, FCing, etc. 11. Do you own any supercapital(s)? If not, do you have a plan to work towards them? 12. What is your main way of gaining ISK? 13. Got any tears (griefing logs‚ crying from kill victims, scams, etc.) or cool killmails to share? 14. Do you play any other games? Feel free to lіnk your Steаm account if you feel comfortable doing ѕo. 15. Do you poѕt on any EVE-related websites (Reddit /r/eve, Kugu, etc.)? If so, link your profiles/post histories. 16. Please post your favourite Creedence Clearwater Revival song, and give reasons why.
  3. New applicants who have not previously been members of Snigg/PL: Recruitment is currently open. Vouches are absolutely NOT required, though if you can source one it will be beneficial to your application. You can expect a decision within 7-14 days of posting your application, please ensure you check the thread every day and respond to any questions from Snigg members. Returning members: Returning members of Snigg in good standing are welcome back at any time. Please make a post indicating your desire to return, you do not have to fill out the application form. Please attempt to find a current member of Snigg/PL who can verify that you are who you say you are (preferably by voice).