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  1. Cesaro

    Welcome home!
  2. Cesaro

    Or shit, even Wolf for that matter.
  3. Cesaro

    You obviously haven't listened to Flower Boy.
  4. Cesaro

    Earl is on Tyler's coattails, I like Earl but Tyler is way better. You're garbage.
  5. Cesaro

    Tyler's the best.
  6. Cesaro

  7. Cesaro

    Edit sniping, bringing shame to the hunt, smh. Is it too late to unvouch?
  8. Cesaro

    Thorough response, ++
  9. Cesaro

    Why you bayggin' on my vouch?
  10. Cesaro

    SHUT UP!
  11. Cesaro

    I miss you, boo.
  12. Cesaro

  13. Cesaro

    He did fyi. (for your information)
  14. Cesaro

    Love you too, John.
  15. Cesaro

    Remember to read this shit later so you know why we both got purged.