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  1. Kat Ayclism

    It is my understanding that...

    Kat A. Klysm is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering Habitual Euthanasia until our corp's directors can figure out what the hell is going on
  2. Dang it, Bobby- discord has previews. Go sit in your deserved shame
  3. Greetings friends and welcome to the 201 course. You got got again, friend. Officially hazed. Your options are few and dire, you poor soul: Post the name of the person that gotcha Post the name of the thread you thought you were gonna get to A great man once said "Fool me once, shame on- shame on you. Fool me... you can't get fooled again." That man never met your gullible ass.
  4. Kat Ayclism

    Quesa (Thrathius) App

    Classic lowsechnaya kill
  5. Kat Ayclism

    Liara Enith application

    Have you ever made a particularly bad decision in Eve Online, the video game? Explain a little about the circumstance, why you came to that decision, and when you realized that you had made a mistake.
  6. Kat Ayclism

    Quesa (Thrathius) App

    Tell us a little about your most embarrassing loss- Provide a link if able, and explain what happened and how you got in that situation.
  7. Kat Ayclism

    Quesa (Thrathius) App

    If you had infiltrated a particularly gullible Corp that happened to have a unique, expensive ship that had never been killed before, how would you plot said ship’s demise and who would you batphone to kill it?
  8. Kat Ayclism

    Quesa (Thrathius) App

    If you had to sit, but there were no seats describe the manner in which you might squat for us.
  9. Kat Ayclism

    Liara Enith application

    If you had to envision that group that you'd be deferring to- what group would it be?
  10. Kat Ayclism

    Liara Enith application

    Say a corp you had targeted for spying accepted you. And this corp had a sweet ass ship, that had never died in the game yet. Who do you batphone to kill it?
  11. Kat Ayclism

    It is my understanding that...

    I’m in just need forum roles to Habit (other PL service rights are set) and in game roles.
  12. We have no less than 3 black legion spies directors in USTZ. Please accept me into your open arms once again.
  13. I think the thread speaks for itself on this crop of Waffles. Jesus.
  14. Shiyittt... Hit with my own thread by Doc Weed. Wanted to see a Ur Gay Pwnd.