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  1. Puchoco Voluspa

    My PanFam!!

    Welcome back Br00ksy ❤️ Sorry for the delayed response but i am busy feathering bads at work. I will be back soon to feather bads in eve too like @Tyrion Hekki
  2. Puchoco Voluspa

    I want to come back. Again.

    OK MISTAKES MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED! Seriously though, good guy, he's totally not gonna awox Reza let him in
  3. Puchoco Voluspa

    I want to come back. Again.

    This man built me my first cap, which I named Kasli Catal and he does get the reference because he has been around since those days... + infinity, he has never let me down once in the 3 years I have known the duder
  4. Puchoco Voluspa

    Return of the Butterfly Tramp Stamp

    You can't miss something that you always carry with you in your heart ❤️
  5. Puchoco Voluspa

    Christopher Fer

    hey! It's Radakos! no
  6. Puchoco Voluspa

    want to be apart of the family

    That god damn signature is literally a nostalgia bukkake
  7. Puchoco Voluspa

    want to be apart of the family

    no vouch no zero kill count
  8. Puchoco Voluspa

    want to be apart of the family

    You can only do your personal best
  9. Puchoco Voluspa

    Ross Sylibus - Repeat Offender

    The name I remember. The astronomy thing I remember as well <3 Onefineday will be coming to visit me this summer (he better, cause I haven't had my share of Aryan manlove in ages, all the Greeks are faux brown) Both EVE and Waffles have changed tremendously since the time you were around. I don't think it's anything you can't handle given how you survived 14 months in Waffles back in the Kasli era. People wiser than me will tell you what you need to do to re-enter, but as far as I am concerned I would really love to see some fits. I know that a lot of time has passed, but I would like you to check some of your old fits, see what works about them, what doesn't, see if the same idea that they served in the past is viable under today's modules/game mechanics and generally give it your best shot. Download the latest version of Pyfa/EFT and gib it a go! It will be your first contact with whatever related changes happened in the past couple of years and I'm curious to see what you'll pull out of your hat (won't judge you too harsh don't worry, half the jabronis in this alliance couldn't even fit a cyno ibis on their own and they never stopped playing). Good to see you doing great
  10. Puchoco Voluspa

    Temptress Truborn

    Are you the female Captain Amazin?
  11. Puchoco Voluspa

    Sara Baines

  12. Puchoco Voluspa

    Ready to get back in the grove

  13. Puchoco Voluspa

    Sofia Zabkova

    I will cook it myself, only I'll use a variant of elbow macaroni that's not bent aka elbow like, but it is still a small cylinder with an actual hole running through it. As in elbow macaroni, what you care for, in our case, is the pasta's ability to hold sauce. That my plebian people's variant does well, so I should produce a nice tasteful dish following your recipe If you want to post pics of you actually making the recipe tomorrow feel free to, I'll only appreciate them. The Hel fit I didn't really care about to be honest. The Hyena fit is solid. Good job on going with AB. Sig radius tanking is a thing in the RLM/arty meta and combined with a well piloted sentinel or a keres it should essentially render your Hyena nearly unkillable. Liked it a lot. Gang dependent I might go with one web one paint although two webs is probably better. Anyway, fit is solid, good job. +1 I don't know you so no voucherinos or anything, but I'm liking everything I've read so far
  14. Puchoco Voluspa

    Sofia Zabkova

    hey, look at that! An app that's not utter shit! 20 years old, 'murrican, smart enough to suck up the "right" way aka "Sorry for the wall of text, I just like putting a lot of effort into these kind of things" Give me an one squad roaming gang Hyena fit. Tell me, in a couple of lines, why it's good and why it won't die when fighting outnumbered and outgunned Give me a ratting Hel fit Give me your favorite recipe. Insta +1 if you provide pictures of you executing the recipe and a picture of course of the final result
  15. Puchoco Voluspa

    Ready to get back in the grove

    This is a good guy's name. I certainly remember you being both willing and competent. Find someone who was your bff back then and who can confirm it's actually you and not someone who's gotten hold of these accounts. If that's done I'm gucci to the idea of flying with you again