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  1. Hi Tari
  2. ++++ don't worry Vulpes, you didn't know we had closed recruitment ++++ <3 <3 <3
  3. Close this thread off then. If a vouch won't back the app. I don't see why this should progress.
  4. We have warned people we were closing recruitment for quite some time. Why do we get apps from people once we close recruitment?
  5. Mate, can you post to address some of the concerns in this thread? To put it another way, would you put your own membership of our illustrious guild at risk for this dude?
  6. Absolutely no effort put into this app. It reads as lazy, entitled and no vouch from your listed vouch. Either he has disavowed you as this thread has dissolved into the mess it is. Or you have no real vouches to begin with.
  7. I felt warm and fuzzy reading this app
  8. come back @Hinkledolph. open vouch to nesw :yoink:
  9. So list Skippy as your vouch, not me. Don't try and curry favour with Destiny by using my name. Skippy has spoken to me about you and I was happy for you to app, and have Skippy vouch because he's a bro. Fix that please. Also the name of the app and name of account thing , make sure they match
  10. I'm looking at your proposed hours per week that you play, and then trying to rationalise your pvp out out. @Destiny Calling has asked some good questions and I want to see detailed answers in your replies.
  11. Get this guy in already.
  12. paging @Tappits
  13. So this looks interesting. Do you have compromising pics of @Krios42 that you blackmailed him for that vouch? Serious question.... what's your playstyle like currently in your corp/alliance? You happy with largish gangs and small roaming stuff?