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Munerich -Tito- Brozovich

[Read First] Recruitment Information and Application Instructions

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  • Applicants have to join BO-LD’s Discord.

  • Applicants have to follow the steps in http://www.bo-ld.space/how-to-apply.html. You will be guided through the process by our recruiters and will be supplied with a link for your application.

  • Recruiters should carefully run a complete ESI check-up on the recruit and share findings with the rest of the HR-Team.

  • Recruiters should keep track of the Recruit’s status through Trial, Post-Trial, and inform candidates accordingly.

  • Successful applicants will be on-boarded into the Pandemic Legion Alliance and after a successful on-boarding - invited to join BO-LD.

Returning members / Vouches:

  • There is no need to have a vouch/sponsor to join BO-LD. If you do know someone in BO-LD, who you think would be willing to vouch for you - that is going to be beneficial to your application. Please reach out to them BEFORE applying and get an OK to mention them in your application. Also inform them about your application, so they are aware when contacted and feedback is requested from them in the process.
  • Returning members in good standing can rejoin BO-LD at any time. Please contact one of the Directors or Recruiters (preferred) to find out more.


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