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  1. Anck'Su Namun's Application

    waiting on API checks
  2. Anck'Su Namun's Application

    Ok @Anck'Su Namun you can record yourself reading instead.
  3. Anck'Su Namun's Application

    Ok so it's basic here and my writing is gonna be short and sweet. CYNOU is a community. If you don't feel like being in the community (ie discord and comms chatting) then I don't want you with us at all. EVE stuff is great, being more than a F1 presser is even better... but not being a ghost within the corp is the priority. If somehow you leave and people go "who the fuck was that"... you failed your time in corp and didn't take advantage of it. Ok, so my first question is, you are sitting around bored and decide to make a random discord server, what is the name of the server, what icon do you choose for it and what is the point of the server? Second you're eating dinner in your one bedroom loft and a cat taps on the window, and you decide you wanna give the cat to @Andrew Jester. What type of cat is it? What name do you give it? And why teh fuck is there a cat outside your window? We're going to gank a super and the FC calls for some random ships, what is the most important ship in this scenario and why are you flying it? And why do we trust you in that ship? And finally you find yourself in an alternate dimension and decide that it's preferable to our reality, why is that? OK and for your song, it's an old one but it's still a good one, you must record yourself singing it. Be as creative or as boring as you want. You can upload it to googledrive, youtube, or soundcloud... as long as we can access it, you're gucci. Here is your song:
  4. Anck'Su Namun's Application

    I'll post my questiosn tomorrow. this is a reminder for myself
  5. Anck'Su Namun's Application

    john said he sorted it on discord earlier. if someone madmins or locks another thread people's admin powers are getting stripped.
  6. Anck'Su Namun's Application

    Didn't see you on the kill
  7. Anck'Su Namun's Application

    Not at probing
  8. Anck'Su Namun's Application

    @Andrew Jester is a faggot
  9. dj aldard

    yo @DJ Aldard send ur apis to the recruiters for this to work.
  10. dj aldard

    You guys all keep asking the same question. Guy pls
  11. dj aldard

    Tswift is the superior T again👌
  12. dj aldard

  13. dj aldard

    Also we would appreciate if you tried your best to keep it authentic yoda, so naturally imitate him to your best abilities.
  14. dj aldard

    Ok, so it's been said but I'll say it again. We value our community and how close we are to each other in corp. Some people are questioning the choice of why we're a second choice or why you were convinced to do another corp. This is your shot to make us think otherwise. Some people also think this is when you're going to turn tails and run, perhaps find another easier way into PL but we shall see. Make me feel inspired, make me feel this. Here is your reading: Record yourself doing Yoda's speech. Make me believe in the force. Youtube, google drive, soundcloud, they're all acceptable.
  15. dj aldard

    Tswift is the superior T