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  1. Padenredoux - Returning Member

    application denied
  2. Unthrown Brick

    marry, fuck , kill shadoo, lord maldoror, wingspan tt
  3. Unthrown Brick

    @John Selth @Andrew Jester @Holy8th@Sharker2k3 let this epic shit poster in!
  4. Unthrown Brick

    1.) coke or pepsi 2.) marine corps or us army? 3.) are you a dirty caldari lover? @Nan VanDoom will have to judge 4.) how much can you lift bro? 5.) are you a going down the stairs in an office chair dual weilding uzis type of pilot (minmatar) or a beating someone with a 3000 degree baseball bat kind of guy (amarr) 6.) are you more of a balls-to-the-wall approach and spray n pray taranis pilot or a crow pilot who likes to pick his targets off from afar while drinking their salty tracking disrupted tears? 7.) are you willing to hang out on comms with your pandemic family bros on the regular? we dont call ourselves the pan-fam for nothing 8.) we have a culture of shitposting, do you think you can handle it? 9.) are you more of a shitpost submitter or a shitpost commentator? 10.) are you more of a chevis preston or a dertydan shit poster?
  5. Supreme Leader Mao - Application

    this app and pilot are so bad I would reject unless you want to turn into scope works
  6. Chester Paterson

    give me an active tanked blops fit
  7. Chester Paterson

    give me a shield blops fit
  8. Traya Anylis - App

    give me an active tanked armor blops
  9. somnolence

    make it now.,...
  10. somnolence

    give me an active tanked armor blops fit
  11. Pe So

    give me a shield blops fit
  12. #2

    I cannot vouch for u if ur not a lady I'm sorry
  13. app

    moshi moshi konichawa *kisses hand* vouch for m'lady
  14. Techstrateyremake

    epic ftw!
  15. Michael Oskold - Application