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  1. Karina Ivanovich

    We're doing API checks now. And by we... i mean the recruiters because lol me doing API checks.
  2. Karina Ivanovich

    Ok once again none of this guarantees your acceptance. This is kinda abnormal... not a pop song or a weeb song. In commemoration of my baby brother getting his slot to become a pilot the USAF here is your song. You must record it and upload it to googledrive/soundcloud/youtube. Any of those work for us. But we have to have it uploaded here. Be as creative or boring as you want but have fun with it. And congrats to my baby brother <3, I couldn't be more proud of you... well I mean maybe I could.
  3. TaipanSan

    But who will poke me on discord every day telling me what PL welped?
  4. Karina Ivanovich

  5. Karina Ivanovich

  6. Karina Ivanovich

  7. Karina Ivanovich

    I didn't say don't post any. Just I don't want spam. I have @Torrent Rage and @Andrew Jester afterall
  8. Karina Ivanovich

    Ok. would you be able to limit yourself to not spamming anime pictures in discord or would you have to be limited on the server side?
  9. Karina Ivanovich

    If this happens, Andrew forfeits all rights to ever do anime theme on our discord.
  10. Cardinal Borgia's Application

    Let us know. And yes some were. Others weren't. You purchasing injectors and showing a proactive want to fix your skills was a huge factor as well. We can move forward if you want to.
  11. Cardinal Borgia's Application

    hi magneto
  12. Blinky Jimmy

    Shhhh, don't give away our test questions. also yes, <3 Tara. As much as people would love for us to still hate each other over dumb stuff in the past, we got over it and now and good friends. I don't think the past necessarily governs us but it is a looking glass into the person a little bit. Without the past we wouldn't be who we are today.
  13. Kjan

    It's a fair answer from their Ex- or current CEO. If it matters at all. I'd leave u behind @Zanthar Eos ay lmaooooooooooooooooooo
  14. John Xadin's Application

    There has been some miscomunication. ur good