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  1. You could ironically have done it too?
  2. Just waiting on @John Selth to give the final ok.
  3. hahahaha ok ++ well done. time to listen to galway girl....
  4. Ok above are your two options. You can go with classic... Doom is in a Vietnam mood, or the recent, the girl is a super qt video. Both are good songs. You must pick one and record yourself. And post it to google drive, youtube... soundcloud. we don't care. Have fun with it. We all have had fun. I believe in you.
  5. Consider yourself classfiied as an austrilian from now on.
  6. Also fuck you for those tswift pics
  7. Well there we have it vouch confirmed I'll let corp ask you their stuff. And then I'll interject every now and then. Glgl
  8. No troll it's not that bad if you wanted to go max tank you'd do a second capital booster over the thermal hardener
  9. hahahahha, I love shiny. ++ just waiting api checks to finish. Sounded like you didn't hate doing it, so ++ to that too.
  10. lolol
  11. Something something this is tradition to everyone that's app'd to corp. We've done bookreadings, speeches, dramatic readings, taylor swift songs... and now we're back to Disney. This is your song. Have as much fun, be as creative as you want but in the end it must be uploaded somewhere that we can hear it... youtube, soundcloud, google drive... we don't care. Since I'm in a generous mood today, you get a rare option, you can do the above song or the below: Good luck.
  12. full disclosure
  13. @Pe So good answers, all show you can think for yourself but realize that bubbling w/o being called for is generally a huge no no since the FC usually has plans otherwise.
  14. Ok now for something eve related that I need to know. Nano ships, roaming ships, infact any solo ship is pretty irrelevant knowledge for most of what PL does. But what isn't is bubbling techniques, please explain to me how you'd do your best to keep a solo titan bubbled and how you'd do the same for a super, as they're different situations. Also explain to me the difference between a drag bubble and a stop bubble. And to finish it off, can you tell me what you would do if the fleet were warping onto an enemy fleet but your fc hasn't called for a bubble to go up yet....
  15. Puck Fineapple.