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    You have roles still!
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    I miss you LBC
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    Lament Icarus and Fiddle Booboo

    Troll again on our forums and get banned.
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    Let me summarize what my corp feels and if Andy J let’s this continue what you’ll be facing. We really like @Chester Paterson and value him in corp. if someone this goes sideways once you’re in corp, it’s likely Chester will have to leave as well. And that’s something that we weigh on each application. None of us think you’re a bad person, just that we wouldn’t trust you with our countries nuclear codes is all. I would think hard about what Andrew asked because the decision to continue is currently with him.
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    I have only ever said that I'm proud, since my discord was made over 2 years ago. 37 times. You have to earn respect and earn the right to hear me say those 2 words. Out of over 270k messages.
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    man when hly puts it like that, I have hope. But man.
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    Sad days 😔 flew to close to the sun
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    Ok team prepare for a long post. Unless i get bored and two part this thing so I can go workout #gymlife Alright so let's start off with @Andrew Jesterand his demands so that my corp and Pohds both realize how serious Andy J is taking this. No leaks of any type will be tolerated, that means screenshots of the forums, cutouts of quotes of any of this to @Pohds 's friends outside of PL. Even here apping, opsec is opsec, if Andy J talks to you privately or Daagin, or Riffs or any of us consider it potential bait to see if you'll leak it to someone else. We love having @Chester Paterson in our family and will do anything we can to prevent him being on the line. A leak of a private convo to any of our recruiters or members to anyone else will be considered an end to this app, we'll end there and Chester isn't on the line yet so he'll be fine. A screenshot of the forum, a cutout, a mention of an op, a mention of being busy because PL has something to do, any of that leaking out will be considered a leak, and sadly Both you and Chester will have to part ways with us. A leak from our discord even in a memeing jest will also be counted as a leak, (if you can't keep corp stuff opsec, why would we think you could do alliance level opsec). Any information within PL, doesn't leave PL. (hint: it's why most of us only hang out on PL comms, can't leak while playing another game if you never leave PL comms) Everyone in CYNOU can add to that but I think I covered it decently well. If you were in our place what 3 questions would you ask yourself? AND the second part of this answer said questions, and explain why you'd ask those questions. And now I want you to think on this question because it's one of my new favorite ones, knowing what you know about yourself, and what you think we know about you, from YOUR side would you recruit you into our corp? Would you take the risk in it? And why?