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  1. somnolence


    Congrats dude!
  2. somnolence


    Come back BLUEMELON.
  3. somnolence

    Corp Looking to Join PL

    I heard Northern Coalition. is recruiting. Pm Otto Bismarck in game.
  4. somnolence

    Bill Auduin

    +1 Bill is an excellent man. For what it's worth from a non-DYs0n dude, I'm sure he'll make your corp more awesome.
  5. somnolence

    Wheres the justice?!

    best recruitment thread of 2018
  6. somnolence


    Are you planning on vouching @Jarnobi if you get in? Is that why he's on your nuts so hard?
  7. somnolence


    Can you explain, in 420 words, the phenomenon of white people putting mayonnaise on anything and calling it a salad?
  8. somnolence


    No love for remoulade?
  9. somnolence


    What do you normally put on your delicious gas station hot dogs?
  10. somnolence


    Tell me your opinion on the use of "the hard R" as a Proud White Male. Is your avatar an example of your ideal woman? Are you aware that gingers have no souls? Have you ever eaten a corndog? Give me an anecdote about the most fun thing you've ever done while playing Eve: Online.
  11. somnolence


    Any plans on going afk for 8 months @Goborn?
  12. somnolence

    SilverBack Rotineque

    I can confirm he's a competent multiboxer. Bridge + hunter + dps is very common for him while participating in blops fleets.
  13. somnolence

    SilverBack Rotineque