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  1. Helgrind Wolf


    I concur, an unsatisfactory amount of anime, in addition to the lack of depth in capital-class vessel skill training makes this application rather unappealing for my palate.
  2. Helgrind Wolf

    Bill Auduin

    +1 just needs to buy a better microphone.
  3. Helgrind Wolf

    Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw

    The first question was just to mask the importance of the second question. Active USTZ members would know the importance of your Pictionary abilities. but ya i didnt notice reapyr already asked about drama, it was kinda overshadowed by the dread guns thing
  4. Helgrind Wolf

    Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw

    Man this thread is taking a while, so I guess I'll keep the questions coming. 1) As you've probably heard from your vouch and earthly avatar of the Greek Patron God of Fishing Pan, Schlampa, Bat Country is a low-drama, chill corporation. In your application you mentioned sperging on reddit and drama and all that, am I correct in assuming that this is a one-off instance and that there won't be any drama or sperging if you join our ranks? 2) The USTZ members of Bat Country often get together to play Pictionary or other such games, how are your Pictionary and Words against Humanity skills? Ask your vouch Schlampa if you are unsure on how to approach this question, though his Pictionary skills are middling at best. Other than that, I like the consistent activity on your characters, you seem to have a good selection of characters, I'd advise working towards a JF alt, being able to handle personal logistics and being able to contribute to group logistics is very important in our alliance.
  5. Helgrind Wolf

    Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw

    I don't know what lies Schlampa has been feeding you but there's plenty of internal corp drama about whether men wearing skirts is acceptable attire. On that note, what is your opinion on this subject? The status of your application hangs in the balance depending on your answer. There are two factions, one that believes that any haggis-eating man has a god-given right, nay, obligation to don a skirt for festive occasions, and the saner faction that believes that skirts are only for women wishing to accentuate their child-bearing hips.
  6. Helgrind Wolf

    Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw

    Schlampa is one slippery slick dude so it would make sense that he smells like butter. +1
  7. Helgrind Wolf

    Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw

    1) You seem to have alot of injected SP on your main, was this done recently in order to get up to our standards? 2) How would you describe your current EVE financial situation, in terms of liquid/assets, and ability to acquire isk. 3) How far are you from a dread alt? 4) Why is USTZ best TZ? 5) What does Schlampa smell like?
  8. Helgrind Wolf

    Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw

    So many words so I don't plan on actually reading your app but I have the following questions for you. 1) What is your nationality and ethnicity? 2) What is your opinion on, and do you watch Anime?
  9. Helgrind Wolf

    Adan Dimaloun

  10. Helgrind Wolf

    Boris Dunks

    You may be conspiring to take away my position as the only Canadian within the corporation but I think even the great SCHLAMPA of House Cheeseburgers will find it difficult to find a suitable candidate to depose me as being the only Chinese person in corp.
  11. Helgrind Wolf

    Boris Dunks

    All Canadians are cool in my book. More USTZ to make Bat Country free again is good too. Your main seems to have at least a third of it's SP injected, was this recent, and done in order to get up to our standards? With regards to question 8. Where would you say you are financially at the moment please describe your EVE financial situation with a single phrase, basically are you "Schlampa-rich" or "Practically Destitute" Also what does Schlampa smell like? I imagine he smells of lilac flowers. As you have probably heard from Schlampa, Bat Country upholds a strict racial equality quota on our member demographics, do you happen to be of Asian descent? Our corporation proudly hosts two Asians, myself included, in USTZ and with a third member we can create the First Asian Triumvirate and start a coup or something. Finally, what is your opinion on Anime? Also can you like not be Canadian? I feel my Canadian nationality is basically my only unique character trait in the corp, you joining would seriously jeopardize the persona that I've built up to this point as the only Canadian in Bat.
  12. Helgrind Wolf


    An excellent response, Weebs are the worst. In terms of your application, more USTZ is always good, it's getting stuffy with all the euros in corp. I'm a bit concerned with the lack of recent activity, but you're just getting back into the game so that's understandable.
  13. Helgrind Wolf


    That might seem like a joke question but Mr. Applicant could you please answer as best you can. Also do you have eve-boards for your characters? I'm sure you can fly basically everything, but, y'know, semantics.
  14. Helgrind Wolf


    God dammit Doc stop necroing threads
  15. Helgrind Wolf


    Wow Mari I didn't vouch him, Tolstoy did. Are you gonna say all Asians look the same Also I'm fine with him ganking on the side as long as he also contributes to the corp and alliance in whatever we're doing at the time.