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  1. Blinky Jimmy

    As someone who started eve very young I have to disagree with the age problem. As for the readability, some color wouldn't have hurt. +.5 because he has a super. And +.5 for being in highschool, lots of free time.
  2. Kjan

    I can respect that decision
  3. Kjan

    Poor quality for a PL candidate.
  4. Kjan

    How do you know doom?
  5. Savanna Skye's Application

    Do you by chance know anyone who actually logs in?
  6. HellGate fr Application

    WOW!!!!!!! -11111111111111111111111111111111111111
  7. HellGate fr Application

    Hi, my name is Mini Shey, how are you?
  8. Proteus Ormande's Application

    It's small but mighty
  9. Proteus Ormande's Application

    Total shitter and @Liam Reppola is gay +1
  10. DevilDog11101775 Application

    With that name I'd think you played planet side. Is this true?