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  1. Madison Madeveda


    Not a terrible answer, but still wrong. With that being said, i seriously hope that you value the friendship offered by Chester enough to think at least twice before you do dumb stuff.
  2. Madison Madeveda


    What's the best ship in EVE?
  3. Madison Madeveda

    Tamir Mehanna

    Just to be clear, we haze everyone. Except Zeus. He's off limits.
  4. Madison Madeveda

    Tamir Mehanna

    Meh. But i like the rest of your app, just don't meme too close to the sun, it's dangerous up there
  5. Madison Madeveda

    Tamir Mehanna

    Kinda, yeah
  6. Madison Madeveda

    Tamir Mehanna

    Explain the feature called "multi quote" in your own words
  7. Madison Madeveda

    Tamir Mehanna

    Imagine a situation where you fucked up royally. Talking about stuff that gets people riled up. How would you react if Hedliner or any other FC would call you out on comms for it and yell at you?
  8. Madison Madeveda

    British Person Wierdox

    I mostly avoided british food and went straight for indian tbh. But i gotta admit that fish and chips isn't too bad every now and then. +1
  9. Madison Madeveda

    British Person Wierdox

    Give this man a break, he's from the UK. Have you ever tried their food? Please post your favourite Triage Apostle fit and discuss why it's the best.
  10. Madison Madeveda

    Pe So v2

    hi hello
  11. Madison Madeveda

    Yah, I guess I'll try this game again.

    Each final requires a sacrifice to the liquor god. Takes a while to recover
  12. Madison Madeveda

    Yah, I guess I'll try this game again.

    Remember that time there was a shey application and all you've heard before of him was memes?
  13. Madison Madeveda


    Very important question tbh
  14. Madison Madeveda


    Considering the latest posts in here: If you ordered dreads from someone, would you cancel your order a few days later? Explain in your own words who Kenneth John Selth is and why nobody answers his questions Whose posting is the worst: Itachi, Sharker or Rokos?
  15. Madison Madeveda

    Chester Paterson

    You lost the game.