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  1. Yah, I guess I'll try this game again.

    Each final requires a sacrifice to the liquor god. Takes a while to recover
  2. SilverBack Rotineque

    For what it‘s worth, coming from a non ISRAD member: Cool guy, good sense of humour and fun to have around. good luck with your application @SilverBack Rotineque
  3. Yah, I guess I'll try this game again.

    Remember that time there was a shey application and all you've heard before of him was memes?
  4. Murtific

    Very important question tbh
  5. Murtific

    Considering the latest posts in here: If you ordered dreads from someone, would you cancel your order a few days later? Explain in your own words who Kenneth John Selth is and why nobody answers his questions Whose posting is the worst: Itachi, Sharker or Rokos?
  6. Chester Paterson

    You lost the game.
  7. Chester Paterson

    Trick question. Nobody has signaturs shown. Actual question: What kind of hospital are you working at, what kind of unit/ward?
  8. Chester Paterson

    +1 for being a male nurse. We're the best. Go on.
  9. Tajic Kaundur

    Gotta agree with Keirro here. Our reputation just can't take another hit.
  10. Tajic Kaundur

  11. Tajic Kaundur

    You're dead to me brother
  12. Tajic Kaundur

    I'll contact you before my next trip. Thanks!
  13. Tajic Kaundur

    Obviously confirming that he's not a retard. Burger or Pizza? Also how much maple juice is just enough on pancakes?
  14. Returning: Dame Death

    Out of control man, out of control.
  15. Michele Bachmann

    He's a true scholar of @Rokos McDougal