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  1. Hallor Sinclair


    I think I remember meeting you in Vegas but other than that do not know much about you besides reddit. From what I know, you are fairly "high energy" we will go with. We sometimes play "the long con" and there can be some downtime. Are you ok with this or will you get bored and bounce when it isnt all content all day? What is your favorite BBQ How you feel about anime
  2. Hallor Sinclair


    Im gonna let the memes roll a bit then come back with real questions also, i want to second that beef recipe
  3. Hallor Sinclair

    Tamir Mehanna

    Reading the app and the comments late, I notice a few things. The most prevalent to me is the very high octane gung ho aspect towards most of what you do. Thats a good trait a lot of the time. PL can sometimes be a bit slow, as we play "the long con" sometimes. Are you ok with that kind of potential down time? On a less serious note, cause I didnt really look for it, what are your thoughts on anime and/or weebs?
  4. nicely done. first time i got got
  5. Hallor Sinclair


    What is your primary TZ? I assume USTZ but always hard to tell.
  6. Hallor Sinclair


    Bit of an odd one but at least she plays video games with you. Good answer to the part that matters tho. Do you still JF actively/will you?
  7. Hallor Sinclair


    Optional portion: Name your waifu or a best girl. Make sure it reflects your character. Still optional I guess but less memes: Im curious as to your time in horde. Can you tell me about it? just a brief overview of how you were a part. Do you chill on comms, being discord or voice a lot?
  8. Hallor Sinclair


    I see you've been a low sec pilot for a while now. Any specific reason(s) you are interested in Null? If i was to ask a friend of mine who was in Ghost Legion, would he know you/have good things to say? (Optional) Can you live in a weeb household?
  9. Hallor Sinclair

    Unthrown Brick

    My initial question got overlooked, but i did not like my phrasing on it so I will redo here. This stuck out to me pretty badly, along with the long corp history. How long do you plan to stay in corp? The low kill count can be marred by zkill not having many kills. 33d is a fairly fast turnaround though. Not sure what to make of it, but do you have any comment on it?
  10. Hallor Sinclair

    Unthrown Brick

    Doom beat me to it
  11. Hallor Sinclair

    Unthrown Brick

    This stuck out to me pretty badly, along with the long corp history. How long do you plan to stay in corp? The low kill count can be marred by zkill not having many kills, but I see alot of throw away ships mostly. How active were you in SLYCE? 33d is a fairly fast turnaround.
  12. Hallor Sinclair

    Chester Paterson

    This is gonna be lit. Good luck fam. A single ping goes out for max apostles and get in fleet, leaving everyone confused. Qhat do you do? Name your favorite anime girl and why its wrong. Bonus points for a pic.
  13. Hallor Sinclair

    Pe So

    Pe So is a cool duder for what its worth from me.
  14. Hallor Sinclair

    Eva Vesto

    Also a total nobody, but I am ex therabois and flew with Eva. Good man, good attitude.