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  1. @Sharker2k3 dead to me also sick snipe
  2. BIGthump

    Tamir Mehanna

    dear fucking god you are a better man than I
  3. BIGthump


    imagine apping to exop and getting rejected
  4. BIGthump

    Tamir Mehanna

    Since we've already asked a beer question what is your favorite mixed drink and why?
  5. BIGthump


    +1 billion for both answers
  6. BIGthump


    If you could pick one monster truck which one would it be and why?
  7. BIGthump

    RA Nemesis

    The correct answer was whatever Aura Spectrum happens to be flying but thank you for playing for your forum bonus points.
  8. BIGthump

    RA Nemesis

    So +10000 for not playing PUBG and +1776 for your answer to 19. HOWEVER -11776 points for not giving me my fucking audio recording. YOU CAN ATTAIN BONUS POINTS FOR ANSWERING THE FOLLOWING QUESTION ACCURATELY: What is the worst pirate battleship in eve online in tyool 2018 and why?