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  1. Mr Rive

    Brinn Yerdola - application

    Brinn was one of the guys that back in the day kicked the shit out of everyone in npc fountain. He was also on the HUN AT team, which was one of the best teams out there. IDK where the rest of them are now. If arkale says this is him, I think we should give him a chance. Good pilot.
  2. Mr Rive

    SoD EnGun

    Talked to SoD im like 99% sure it's him.
  3. Mr Rive

    SoD EnGun

    MIGHT be able to remember his voice, can ask him some questions, but IIRC sod is quite quiet on comms, so will have to see.
  4. Mr Rive

    HellGate fr

    A Chicken burger is a patty of ground or minced chicken. A chicken sandwich is a FILLET of chicken breast. That's why you dont call a beef sandwich a burger, because it's uncut beef. HTH
  5. Mr Rive

    HellGate fr

  6. Mr Rive

    Bert Macklin1

    why is that? I kind of want to hear what they have to say on this too.
  7. Mr Rive

    Bert Macklin1

    Glad to hear that :3. I tend not to vouch people unless i genuinely know theyre gonna be super fucking good/useful. Its the same reason I couldn't vouch for kilo because I hadn't done anything with him for like 6 months.
  8. Mr Rive

    Bert Macklin1

    Thats a fair point, but this is like 4 seperate vouches at the same time. Plus my vouch hadnt just gotten kicked from waffles m8.
  9. Mr Rive

    Bert Macklin1

    serious question, but why should a radakos vouch, who as far as im aware isnt in hoover, be used as a vouch into hoover? This goes for the other dudes apping to hoover too, im not picking on you.
  10. Mr Rive

    Darius JOHNSON

    You forgot the part where he has to stick a lightbulb up his butt in rememberance of BR. Everyone gets fucked, but only a true member of PL knows how to pull out of it without getting crushed glass in his anus.
  11. Mr Rive

    Darius JOHNSON

    who the fuck is xenuria?
  12. Mr Rive

    Shiwan Khan

    Yeah shiwan if you get on OG comms at some point im sure i can figure out a way of verifying you.
  13. Mr Rive

    Shiwan Khan

    I mean there are older people from an alliance standpoint but im pretty sure you have the oldest looking ass grath
  14. Mr Rive

    Shiwan Khan

    Hey shiwan, fuck, I don't thin ki remember your voice but im sure there's something I remember about you. Do you still have any of the old BOS guys on steam? Might be an easier way to verify as I can talk to jinx about it.
  15. Mr Rive

    Creyn Hawk

    @Grath Telkin ^