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    You did not. Steps 3 and 4.
  2. Joining Coreli in a few (easy) steps: 1: Go to https://corelicorp.net 2: Create an account, activate it & log in. (If you're not receiving an activation mail poke Joshua Foiritain on our discord or ingame) 3: Select "Portal > Account > ESI Authorizations" from the drop down menu. 4: Follow the listed instructions. Add all your accounts to the tool, add all characters to each of the accounts. Don’t skip any. 5: Come back here 6: Create an account on the PL forums, make sure the character names matches the name of your main exactly. If the registration page doesn’t show your character picture you’ve typed your name wrong. 7: Create a new topic in this forum with your char name as the title. Copy the text displayed below and answer all the questions. 8: Join our corp discord (https://discord.gg/jSE44bA) 9: Once we've gone over your ESI data & application a recruiter will be in touch with follow up questions. [b]What country are you from?[/b] [b]How old are you?[/b] [b]How much and around which times do you usually play eve?[/b] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Tell us something about your ingame history; what have you done, high points, low points, what corps/alliances have you been in.[/b] [b]Why are you leaving your current corp?[/b] [b]Why do you want to join Coreli?[/b] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]What activities do you enjoy doing in eve?[/b] [b]Do you have any fleet command experience?[/b] [b]Do you have any experience in any other fields which might be useful to the corp? (Capital/t2/t3/booster production, organizing logistics, seeding markets, etc.)[/b] [b]Do you have a way of making money outside of our null-sec space?[/b] [b]What types of ships do you prefer flying?[/b] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Did you provide ESI auths for all your characters across all your accounts?[/b] [b]Did anyone refer you to Coreli?[/b]
  3. Requiscat abused my love of killmails