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    Why do you end all your posts with Dee
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    Lads, where is NESW? Times have changed?

    ander, jeff, grath, phalanx, and shadoo lead PL fleets every weekend!
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    Lament Icarus and Fiddle Booboo

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    Corp Looking to Join PL

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    Also be sure you have a working microphone and a thick skin before you apply. Thanks!
  6. READ THIS FIRST READ THIS FIRST READ THIS FIRST READ THIS FIRST READ THIS FIRST READ THIS FIRST READ THIS FIRST READ THIS FIRST Before you submit your application, ensure you enter ALL your characters here Part 1 - You Why are you applying to dys0n, and why should we accept you? If you have a vouch name them here. If you know anyone else in PL that could speak favourably for you, name them here. How old are you and where do you come from? Outline your history in EVE. Where did you start? How'd you get here? If you have any history that might impact your application state it now before we find out through other sources. How many hours a week do you play EVE? What timezone is your best/easiest to be available in? Are you a notorious badposter? Link your reddit/kugu/FHC/twitters here. Part 2 - You ingame What do you enjoy doing in EVE? How do you make ISK? Do you have experience FCing or anchoring, or otherwise running fleets / making content? Tell us your personal skills. Hunting, combat probing, dictoring, fitting, etc. Show & Tell something(s) in your EVE history that you are proud of. What do you think of maltecs? If you can't find out what a maltec is, name your favorite anime. If you don't like anime (destroy all weebs), give us a favourite recipe of yours. Include your favourite Emma Stone GIF. Part 3 - Your characters Do you currently own any supercapitals, including PVE space vessels? Please list your PVP characters below. Provide ZKILLBOARD and EVESKILLBOARD links for each character. Outline what each character can fly. If you purchased any of your characters, provide the sale thread. PM any 'secret' alts, spies or other opsec characters to @Avery Lewis and @Eva Vesto Failure to disclose all your characters will look REAL FUCKING BAD.
  7. How To Apply Successfuly: DON'T FUCK UP AND MAKE SURE YOU DO THE FOLLOWING: Your application thread title must be the same as your username, which must be your eve main's name. You must provide ZKILLBOARD and EVESKILLBOARD links for your main and any other PVP characters. You must disclose any and all alts - PM sensitive alts to @Avery Lewis and @Eva Vesto. You must provide ESI keys for all of your characters when they are requested. IF YOU DON'T DO THESE THINGS PROPERLY, YOU'LL PROBABLY GET REJECTED AND/OR POORLY TROLLED. Requirements Capable of flying subcaps to a good standard (You should probably have logi 5). Bonus points for specialised things like command ships. You can at least dualbox a subcap and a cap, or otherwise provide meaningful alts + resources consistently. If you wish to use a supercapital in PL, you must be able to fly a FAX on another character. A working microphone and thick skin. Things we like You have a vouch in dys0n, or otherwise a recommendation from a PL member (who we would listen to). You have multiple useful alts. Dictors, links, booshers, scanners, blops bridges etc. You can fly a FAX, capital/supercap and subcap at the same time. You have experience with PYFA/EFT and fitting your own ships. You have a history of pulling your weight and making shit happen. You like small gang, blopsing, fishing, badposting and other ELITE pvp activities. Application template