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  1. Avery Lewis

    Lament Icarus and Fiddle Booboo

  2. Avery Lewis

    Kappa Pride App

    Application rejected. Great app overall and you seem like a chill and fun dude but your reputation as a leakboi means you aren't a good match for what we're looking for in DYS0N. And it's not just Jamal who thinks that, several people within and outside of PL have this opinion of you which leads me to believe that it's not baseless. Also I took a very scientific strawpoll in Wormbro Discord which double confirms you're a leaker. https://www.strawpoll.me/15653582/r Unlucky.
  3. Avery Lewis

    back after a few years

    Weird, apparently it didn't take because you had already sent in your own App (which prevented the direct invite from working?)
  4. Avery Lewis

    back after a few years

    Dude, I sent you a corp invite on Rylee yesterday. You need to accept it.
  5. Avery Lewis

    back after a few years

    OK someone confirmed to me app in-game ! and be sure you set up your ESI tokens in services (new API replacement)
  6. Avery Lewis

    back after a few years

    Get an old member to verify you're the same person and you're welcome back.
  7. Avery Lewis


  8. Avery Lewis

    Pe So v2

    fucking bat country at it again
  9. Avery Lewis

    Pe So v2

    r.i.p. sl1de
  10. Avery Lewis


    Application accepted. Make SSO tokens in services for each of your characters, app to Hoover and PL group, app in game.
  11. Avery Lewis

    Elissa Oriki

    Application accepted. Please create SSO tokens for all of your characters in services. Then apply in-game, as well as app to the Hoover group on services.
  12. Avery Lewis


    Why would you make your Logi warp 5 AU/S
  13. Avery Lewis

    Captain Washburn

    Put in SSO tokens for every one of your characters in Services, even your highsec gank ones or whatever. ALL OF THEM. Then apply to the corp in-game.
  14. Avery Lewis

    Captain Washburn

    Application accepted.
  15. Avery Lewis

    Captain Washburn

    Well, I respect a man who looks out for his fellow bro. And yoyaz is just in NaCL overload because he's in Korea and he can't play in the TZ where roams happen but yeah there's much less roaming content in general which is sadbois. I'm sure you'll lead us on some fun roams and there's definitely dudes in corp who'll come on whatever fleet you're doing.