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    Also be sure you have a working microphone and a thick skin before you apply. Thanks!
  2. Part 1 1. Who is vouching you and how do you know them? 2. How old are you and where do you come from? 3. Give us an overview of your corp history - be honest! 4. How many hours a week do you play Eve? 5. Do you post on any public forums e.g. Reddit/FHC etc? If so, link them. Part 2 6. How do you make ISK? 7. What do you enjoy doing in EVE? 8. Do you have any experience FCing or anchoring? 9. List any useful skills you may have - combat probing, tackle ceptors, multiboxing, fits, whatever. 10. What do you think of maltecs? If you can't find out what a maltec is, name your favorite anime. (Note: kilo is a dumb idiot) 11. Include your favourite Emma Stone GIF. Part 3 12. Can you fly a FAX and a dread on two different characters? If no, explain why and tell us how long it would take you to solve this. 13. List all your characters. Please provide a description along with relevant zkillboard, eveboard and sale thread links. Don't include characters you'd rather keep out of public view - PM these to @Avery Lewis.
  3. Stephen Dalt App

    Application accepted. Delete your old APIs, put new ones in every every alt/character/etc. you have, and apply to Hoover in game.
  4. Stephen Dalt App

    Sorry, next time we'll ask our applicants to ECM burst a Horde fleet for the KBstats. Also there has never been a 1,000 kill requirement, so I have no idea what you're talking about - there are plenty of people who have joined ISRAD, for example, with sub 1K kills. I looked at the join/leave log on EVEwho and clicked the first main I saw - Isotopes, who had sub-1k kills before ISRAD. Thanks for your feedback though! In the future we will be sure to get our members backdoored into DYS0N via telling them to joinPL in a dumpster fire of a corp and then get backdoored into DYS0N when it failscades.
  5. Stephen Dalt App

    Let's start talking about things that aren't fitting questions given that most of the people in PL think that fitting involves going to the Tactics forum and copy pasting a thread, and we've already smashed that point into the ground (yes, slaves on a hull tank battleship are very :thinking:) (Thanks Willam)
  6. Impunitus Umbra

    Application accepted. Please delete the previous APIs you sent to recruiters, create new ones for *every single account you have* and put them in PL services, then apply in-game.
  7. Khromatic Hellscream

    Welcome home.
  8. Impunitus Umbra

    How much ISK can you make the corp via b e a n c o u n t e r s k i l l s in the first 90 days of your membership? We will be checking your response with @Lich Reaper so please be thorough.
  9. Impunitus Umbra

    @Impunitus Umbra Rejuice K-Today at 12:22 PM @Avery Lewis will he go afk in any of these circumstances: 1. getting into pl 2. Avery goes afk
  10. Impunitus Umbra

    jokes on you I love pineapple on pizza
  11. Impunitus Umbra

    send full apis to me for every account also cc eva vesto and proteus ormande on them thanks
  12. Impunitus Umbra

    your stabber fit kind of triggers me but i also kind of like it
  13. Impunitus Umbra

    this guy almost killed my hel one time

    I have returned to EVE and thus we must also open the floodgates once again.
  15. Kneemon Lyvaina

    "when he says he FCed for TC i think he pinged to get guys to warp to a gate and kill some ruptures or some shit like 1 time" -trusted TC source it does seem that this cat isn't lying about fcing for CO2, and ran some Rupture and Jackdaw fleets, with the occasional Drake fleet thrown in.