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  1. racist
  2. light the cyno on the rapier drop supers frag the caracals OR tell your fleet to approach the caracals freak out when you realize they have scrams fit for some reason lose your entire fleet to caracals OR try to kite RLML caracals in ships worth 10x as much get volleyed lose the ISK war lose the k/d war cry anyways application accepted @isidria, please delete all API keys you have sent me for checking, create new FULL API keys for every account you have, put them in Auth, then apply to the Hoover Inc. corp group in auth and to DYS0N in game.
  3. Forum PM me your full APIs for all your accounts so our recruitment team can get started on checking while the corp members ask their usual questions to assess fit etc.
  4. @Wrik HooverLook it's not only Americans joining dys0n! This guy lives in your country! Also I've talked to Priamus before and he's pretty cool I guess
  5. Anime is for degenerates. You passed Kilo's trick question.
  6. Hi Amber, I think your app is very solid overall and you have a good breadth of characters for useful purposes. Unfortunately, having a fairly active KB is an important requirement for incoming members, as people tend to join PL and go inactive over some period of time generally, so we try to avoid bringing in people who are inactive from the get-go. Furthermore, I understand that you enjoy dropping your super/carrier PVP... but for where we are now as an alliance, there are very limited options for those two types of gameplay. What I'd like to see is you taking a little more of an active role in Horde, and increase your kills (or fleet attendance as logi) for subcap fleets, at which point I think your app would be a perfect fit for the corp. Until then, I'm going to close this app - but the option to reapply is welcome and open as soon as you can shape up the KB side of things (or show that you actively fly logi on fleets/etc. frequently, which would show up on the KB (but in the losses category, usually, not the kills.)
  7. But I love dropping my supers on like, solo shit....
  8. That post is four years old...
  9. Application accepted. Please make sure there are full API keys for all of your accounts in Services, then apply to Hoover Inc. in game as well as the Hoover corp group in auth.
  10. Please PM me full APIs for all of your accounts.
  11. +1 good vouches and seems like guy has shown a nice willingness to improve and mature which is the exact type of player we want in PL you will need to sort out your forum/auth account situation if you join though as it should match your primary character name and you have two accounts now, but I'm sure an admin can help you out with that or something
  12. Hi, sorry to spam this thread (I have nothing to do with WAFFLES or its recruitment) but I have to ask - how did you make the rainbow colors on your text so perfect? Did you have to color each letter individually? Or is there some magical font color setting for rainbow that I'm missing?
  13. Why does your name ring a distinct bell in my mind? I think it's a positive bell? Probably?
  14. Why do people harp on out about fittings so much in application threads when 90% of Pandemic Legion can not and will never have to come up with a ship fit in their entire life? Is the applicant able to click on a fit in the MOTD of a fleet and then add said modules to his space vessel? If so, he's already made it to the ranks of the most elite Pandemic Legion warriors.
  15. will not post