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  1. Iedan

    alright so I looked back through your app my biggest worry is that you are unable to fly about 60% of the doctrines that PL flies regularly. None of your chars can even sit in a logi. You can't use t2 guns for machs, you can't use t2 guns for dreads, you can't fly cerbs, you can't fly a carrier, you have cap management IV (on one char) and thermo IV on both chars. I see you are willing to inject a triage, but how else will you contribute to the alliance given your lack of SP?
  2. Arthas Menethyl - Application

    -1 this guys a huge leaker lmao
  3. Iedan

    im a master of feeding flagships in the at
  4. James Niminen

    Good vouch? Yup. Effort in app? Nope.
  5. Adarxx

    app in game
  6. Otto Penken

    Thank you for injecting to T2 Triage Apostle. Application accepted. Please apply to the Hoover Inc. group in services, and Hoover Inc. in-game.
  7. Otto Penken

    hahahah this guy has different opinions on fitting blops than the accepted norm and backs up those opinions with well-written and well-thought responses! what a fucking idiot
  8. Otto Penken

    Also do you plan to buy a supercarrier or a Titan? If yes, what has stopped you from having one already? If no, why?
  9. Otto Penken

    What have you liked the most from your time spent roaming with DYS0N? What's the worst part about the roams, i.e. something we should try to improve on?
  10. Otto Penken

    Posted 34 minutes ago ยท Hidden by fin1712, 31 minutes ago - blatantly WRONG LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD, ALCHEMIST. DO NOT LET FINNIGAN SHUT YOU DOWN.
  11. Hi

  12. ~Luv is Rage~

    yeah apply ingame
  13. Archeras Umangiar

    Good answers, especially your response to turbo doing a little friendly prodding to make sure you don't melt down the second someone in PL says something that isn't sunshine and rainbows about you. Please add full APIs for every account you use to the PL services. Once this is done (and I know it will take a while), apply in-game to Hoover Inc. and apply in Auth to the Usergroup. Once I pow-wow with the recruitment team and make sure there aren't any last-minute concerns, you should be good to go.
  14. Archeras Umangiar

    People I've vouched have been rejected from corp before due to our member's opinions. I'm not a tyrant. Usually.