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  1. CAAN0N

    I had given the two dudes who got exemptions to the closed recruitment exemptions because their vouches had talked to me prior to the closing. This is a Wrik-based exemption from knowing the guy for 7 years. There will be no more exemptions to the closed recruitment from this point forward, don't worry young Gihon!
  2. StarshipAI

    OK, so, your in-game skills are good but your lifetime PVP activity is abysmal. Fitting decisions/explanations weren't that great either, but you can learn that in PL since most of this alliance just copy pastes fits that other people make and don't really understand why they're good/bad to begin with. Vouches are good people, so we're going to give you a chance. Just know that you should greatly increase your PVP activity while in this corporation, and will be watched closely for activity in your first few months. Application accepted, please add all APIs in services, then apply to Hoover, Inc. in-game.
  3. CAAN0N

    Yeahhh... Anyways, @CAAN0N, PM me full APIs for all of your accounts on the forums, including any active spy alts you might have.
  4. Evan Giants

    Application accepted. Delete the APIs you sent us, delete any APIs you have given out ever to other corps, create new full APIs and put them into PL Services, then apply in-game.
  5. Evan Giants

    Also JFYI an empty slot absorbs just as much heat and functions equally to a slot with a mod in it.
  6. Evan Giants

    Why do you have two plates fit with a LAAR?
  7. Willam Crane

    And be sure to add full APIs to PL services, as well as inject that alt into a T2 Apostle.
  8. Willam Crane

    Application accepted. Apply in-game. Also know that because of your past reputation, you are going to have to try twice as hard as most DYS0N recruits in order to not fuck up or you will be shamed and kicked. So fair warning.
  9. Willam Crane

    You've been known to leak harder than Bob Woodward's source in the Nixon administration, what has changed in the past while that would ensure you aren't a young leakboi? How has your attitude towards bragging about or talking about stuff shifted? Will you inject an Apostle alt before joining if you are to be accepted?
  10. Toshiro umezwa

    welcome home
  11. Willam Crane

    mladja i was trying to reference my own post and you jumped in in the middle!!!!
  12. Willam Crane

    ^ agreed tbh he used to be super annoying when he was a little boy but since he grew to a man he's really been pretty cool
  13. Willam Crane

    [NOG8S] Arkon Olacar-Today at 1:21 PM But yeah Willam is a good kid [NOG8S] Arkon Olacar-Today at 1:21 PM And most of the people shitting on him have had no interation with him in the last year