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  1. TaipanSan

  2. Gihon Maersk

    Please forum PM me full APIs for all of your accounts.
  3. Shozo

    Application accepted. Please apply to DYSON in game after making sure that all your characters and corporations have full APIs in auth. Also, please apply to the Pandemic Legion and Hoover Inc. user groups.
  4. Shozo

    Please forum PM me full API keys for each of your accounts.
  5. Blot'vardy'vard

    update: i won http://i.imgur.com/LFe6GDp.jpg
  6. Blot'vardy'vard

    lmfao actually so good
  7. Blot'vardy'vard

    I'm currently playing a roaming support riki, i'm 6-1 lmao nice
  8. Blot'vardy'vard

    shUT The FUCK up andrew ill FIght u LMAO haha just kidding im gay!
  9. Kris Sirober

    Application accepted. Please apply to DYS0N in-game.
  10. Kris Sirober

  11. Kris Sirober

    @Kris Sirober If you're accepted, do you plan to go on PL fleets? Amamake can be fun, but a big part of being in DYS0N is not only attending alliance ops, but finding a way to be useful, whether it's multi boxing tackle, doing probing, etc.
  12. Eva Vesto

    Application accepted. Please delete the API keys you sent me to check, create new ones which you add to the PL Auth website, apply to the Hoover Inc. and Pandemic Legion user groups on auth, and apply to Hoover Inc. in game with your "toonies".
  13. Eva Vesto

    I blame Willam for a lot of things.

    Now once again taking limited applications from members with a vouch.
  15. Eva Vesto

    If you think this is fucking gold, you obviously haven't read very many PL recruitment threads. Or anything, really. It's flattering that NOG8s clearly still takes an interest in my corp's recruiting practices, though.