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  1. Dread Zeppe

    I want to come back. Again.

    If only we had a suicide thanatos fit figgles would be a pro at that +1
  2. Dread Zeppe

    Return of the Butterfly Tramp Stamp

    https://zkillboard.com/kill/69109998/ YOU GOT A LOT OF NERVE COMING IN HERE AFTER BEEING ON THIS KILLMAIL!
  3. Dread Zeppe

    Christopher Fer

    I get that your brain is 420% thc or w/e but really man I think you have smoked yourself retarded
  4. Dread Zeppe

    Christopher Fer

    It says here that you flew with Avery Lewis and were in Hoover once upon a time and from your killboard I can see that's true. So I guess im left to wonder why you have decided to apply to waffles instead of trying to get back into Hoover to fly with your old bros?
  5. Dread Zeppe

    want to be apart of the family

    I disagree, perhaps Timmy understands the extent of his usefulness and doesnt consider that one of his responsibilities.
  6. Dread Zeppe

    want to be apart of the family

    I was willing to overlook every part of this app if he said he liked my reddit posting
  7. Dread Zeppe

    want to be apart of the family

    ahhh come on. I was hoping for a more animated response out of you but that just doesnt seem to be in the cards for this interaction. So here's the truth: you're not getting in waffles as-is. Maybe one day you will have a better perspective on this but we do have to maintain minimum standards. Seems you already had the common sense to join a better alliance than inPanic, so kudos to you. keep your nose clean, get some kills, try to get a vouch (tbh i have no idea how you're gna accomplish that one), and come back after a few months to try again. put some actual effort into your app and maybe, just maybe, you won't get nothing but hazed. alternatively our step-dad corp Sniggerdly has started a training corp that will p much take anyone from what ive heard, given the right attitude, and grind them into elite star fighters. Honestly this is probably a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and learn the culture of PL while havin' a blast. In-game channel: Join Total Mayhem
  8. Dread Zeppe

    want to be apart of the family

    ok i will grant you that, seems my dates are a bit off, but the fact that you joined them and stayed as long as you did slightly offends me. were I a recruiter I might have rejected your app on that fact alone. but more to the point... what specifically turned you on to waffles? did you wittness an epic dunking by us? perhaps you were enamored by our AT performance? did our shit talking in local skills put a twinkle in your eye? did my and other members reddit posting set your heart ablaze? come on man, out with the details.
  9. Dread Zeppe

    want to be apart of the family

    you know one of the few things i got out of wwb was a complete lack of respect boarding or near hatred of mordus legion. i just assumed anyone on the other side would feel the same about waffles given our interactions. so it's really curious to me why, now, you suddenly want to be apart of our elite crew of weathered space cowboys. could you maybe provide some specific examples as to what lead to your reverence of this glorious corporation and its members? i mean something to prove to me that you arent just trying to blue tank some mids after trying to extract your (other) super & assets from the raging dumpster fire of an alliance you are currently in?
  10. Dread Zeppe

    Temptress Truborn

    please stand-by, our waffle maker is experiencing technical difficulties
  11. Dread Zeppe

    Johnny Riko - Looking to return

    I also remember this guy from way back when I first joined waffles, he and I were app'ing at the same time. I was super jealous of his name and it made me sad when he went afk soon there after.
  12. Dread Zeppe

    Temptress Truborn

    sorry, but it is a bit of a tradition for me to excessively badpost on our recruitment threads
  13. Dread Zeppe

    Temptress Truborn

    From flying lowsec incursions with Temptress and managing to eavesdrop on her like a creepster amidst the yelling russians I have evaluated her as an intrepid, newer player, eager to dive into the joys of owning/using caps. from her i sensed a high level of enthusiasm for playing eve, maybe not Hek levels enthusiasm... more along the lines of Reicher but with the competence to back it, as I have on more than one occasion seen her multibox characters with fully rigged ships. that being said I think while she might get along with everyone in Waffles, there will be a large learning curve for her. Personally I dont think being in PL or waffles 2.0, or whatever, should change the fact that we give newer people a chance, especially when they have a really good attitude about them, but that's just my two cents!
  14. Dread Zeppe

    Request to return home please

    wb bro im sure someone will get to you soon™