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  1. The application is never just a formality
  2. Another girl kissing extrovert spotted.
  3. Being able to fly minnows is super useful but Apostle is 100% required.
  4. How do you feel about gilas?
  5. Dank kill count m8
  6. Are u tho?
  7. Rocker pls </3
  8. Also missed check for cyno jammer and say no to covert cynos 8). As long as you don't jump your Levi instead of bridge into QPO. +1
  9. Again, I dont vouch people but if I did, I would vouch Rockerrrrrrrrr <3
  10. How many monitors do you have? Do you kiss girls?
  11. CEO's shouldnt vouch anyone, not personal fam
  12. Sry friend. I don't vouch.
  13. If you were to get in, you will not be allowed to fly a t3d. Ever.
  14. convince me that you aren't garbage