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  1. hey fuckers

    let me in
  2. Alekto Descendant

    Actually I rewrote the app you can blame me
  3. hey dumbasses

    wrong neighborhood darky
  4. Kismeteer

    Nice meme
  5. Kismeteer

    +1 goon j4g
  6. Kismeteer

    so you're joining PL as a "fuck you, Dad!" you have a 2005 character and a mere 2700 kills with it, what makes you think that a glorified paperpusher such as yourself should get into PL proper without a stop in Horde or Waffles in order to learn how to play eve? granted, you're applying to bat country and you're 100% guaranteed to get in based on your fuck goons reputation, but humour me with an answer. any other corporation in PL would probably tell you to take a hike.
  7. Maxi Warmonger

    Is my phone fucking up or is zkillboard showing ELEVEN LIFETIME KILLS for the character Maxi Warmonger?? Who the fuck are you and why are you trying to join PL?
  8. Blood Khanid

    Fuck Grath I'm locking this bitch
  9. Blood Khanid

    Resounding no.
  10. Ur235

    Join waffles, get some recognition from our own community, and lighten up a bit. Stuff like the haiku question is meant to see if you're a chill guy who can handle some jokes. You're way too uptight. Ingame channel is ''Join Sniggwaffe'' minus the quotes.
  11. Ur235

    Sniggerdly is large enough that we can be - and are - very selective in who we let into the corp. Having a supercapital is not necessarily a prerequisite for joining, HOWEVER with how gargantuan we are in 2016 it's basically an unspoken requirement until we find ourselves hurting for active members to fill the ranks in the corp. A few questions for you: * You bought Ur235 for 20bil after buying a bunch of PLEX, would you do the same for a supercapital character and ship? * What is the extent of your capitals experience, both before and after Citadel? * What is the extent of your sov warfare experience, both before and after Aegis? * I am confused as to why you want to join Sniggerdly over Sniggwaffe. Sniggerdly does like... none of what it is you say you are used to and what you like to do on an organized scale ("Small gang roams, bubble camps, guerrilla warfare, stealth bombings, and Blops."), whereas Waffles does all of that shit. Why not join Waffles?
  12. scaredpanda

    thx capqu y-you too
  13. The Icefox

    Btw you have a fucking awful name
  14. The Icefox

    His time in BL leads to the belief that he's got a good amount of eve experience behind him, despite the less than stellar ~kb stats~. Combine this with the waffles saying he's not awful and the good word of Joachim backed up by Co-Campaign Commander Ron Mexxico, and how I like the answers Icefox has been giving, I'm willing to throw him a bone and open the pearly gates. Delete every API key across all your accounts - no exceptions, even shit you thought only you had - and remake one full account level API per account. PM me those keys.