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  1. Pe So v2

    put SSO tokens in for all of your characters then apply in game, welcome back
  2. Cesaro

    ghostmane is bad too fyi
  3. Cesaro

    Send your FULL APIs to myself, @John Selth, @Sharker2k3, @Holy8th via the PL Forums. Be sure to include APIs from all accounts as well as separate APIs for any corporations you may have director or CEO in. Additionally create a second set of non-expiring FULL APIs with the same criteria for corporations and enter them here. This by no means indicates you are accepted, so be sure to keep answering stuff on the forums and check back regularly for further instructions.
  4. Cesaro

    asking for fits this isn't dys0n smh
  5. Cesaro

    Not sure you’re one to talk about good posting
  6. Cesaro

    God bless you hope all is well
  7. Cesaro

    There’s an issue if he doesn’t answer my questions 😤😤😤
  8. Cesaro

    I mean will he be there
  9. Cesaro

    If accepted will you change your ‘tar to an anime girl
  10. Cesaro

    Are you going
  11. Cesaro

    Answer this question because I’ll be there
  12. Cesaro

    Lad he means games not fuckin ships lmao
  13. Cesaro

    Someone remind me to read this shit later so I know why I get burged
  14. Yah, I guess I'll try this game again.

    go with god welcome back