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  1. Yah, I guess I'll try this game again.

    go with god welcome back
  2. Yah, I guess I'll try this game again.

    post ITT every time Shey lies I'll start: Yah, I guess I'll try this game again.
  3. Yah, I guess I'll try this game again.

    make sure all apis are in system then app to corp
  4. Yah, I guess I'll try this game again.

    really fuckin wish I didn't
  5. Murtific

    they aren't
  6. Murtific

    you list 4 chars, I'm assuming it's 4 accounts, if not, lol - what do the other character slots on those accounts do? What will you make them do if you're accepted? what's your wpm that zero.zero is faster than 0.0? or is because 0.0 looks like some dumb 12yo smiley face? why're you applying here instead of taking the easy road back into habit (I know you have a vouch here but I'm assuming you could get back in) did you break the thesaurus out for this app or are you usually this verbose
  7. Returning Member

    app in game
  8. Loonatik returning

  9. Unthrown Brick

    what's your twitch channel?
  10. Unthrown Brick

    so uh, what're you going to fly a subcap in
  11. Unthrown Brick

    why don't you join PHEW/join rekking crew/small gang with dys0n then apply to SNIGG/SNIGG/DYS0N while maintaining no interaction with the corp and staying in lowsec? you have 2 characters, you're going to drag down our beautiful ratio of super pilots. Will you fix this? lol no t2 triage
  12. Unthrown Brick

    are you a better HS ganker than HS lord supreme @HellGate fr?
  13. Unthrown Brick

    please keep up on memes like you keep up on tech thx you're linking windows98 tier memes and I need you on like archlinux layers of irony
  14. Chester Paterson

    Your application has been accepted. Please double check that all of your APIs were entered properly into the Auth Board, including corporate APIs and make sure to delete the set that you gave us. Once this is done, apply to the corp ingame with all characters you are bringing. Please finish answering any remaining questions that've been asked (mainly travel this is v important to me)