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  1. Returning Member

    app in game
  2. Loonatik returning

  3. Unthrown Brick

    what's your twitch channel?
  4. Unthrown Brick

    so uh, what're you going to fly a subcap in
  5. Unthrown Brick

    why don't you join PHEW/join rekking crew/small gang with dys0n then apply to SNIGG/SNIGG/DYS0N while maintaining no interaction with the corp and staying in lowsec? you have 2 characters, you're going to drag down our beautiful ratio of super pilots. Will you fix this? lol no t2 triage
  6. Unthrown Brick

    are you a better HS ganker than HS lord supreme @HellGate fr?
  7. Unthrown Brick

    please keep up on memes like you keep up on tech thx you're linking windows98 tier memes and I need you on like archlinux layers of irony
  8. Chester Paterson

    Your application has been accepted. Please double check that all of your APIs were entered properly into the Auth Board, including corporate APIs and make sure to delete the set that you gave us. Once this is done, apply to the corp ingame with all characters you are bringing. Please finish answering any remaining questions that've been asked (mainly travel this is v important to me)
  9. Chester Paterson

    are fiancees provided or byof too?
  10. Chester Paterson

    In addition to this, what's your opinion of Ultimate Chicken Horse and would you be willing to buy it
  11. Chester Paterson

    @HellGate fr how is it?
  12. Chester Paterson

    I apologise that this won't be a 17h application, but since we actually have standards instead of pretending it's not possible :\ 1. give me a stabber fleet issue fit because it apparently depicts your ability to use pyfa and not copy zkilll which proves you'll somehow be useful to alliance????? 2. please look at @Proteus Ormande's post history and give me a similarly self-aggrandizing and useless post (I'd suggest you look at any dys0n recruitment posts really) 3. if you were to compare yourself to either Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning which one would you choose, and what would you have most in common with them? 4. how do you feel about useless deadweight corps in an alliance? What steps would you take to encourage them to be better from the outside? (@Tainted Orphen [lol nice joke you finna be kicked] and @Wrik Hoover take note) 5. explain why useless people should never pretend to be important 6. why does activity not equate to how useful someone is? 7. why are apostle alts more important than having dread alt jump clones for titan characters?
  13. Chester Paterson

    unironically has done more than 95% of the retards posting on this app including myself will also vouch even though not listed
  14. Chester Paterson

  15. FlyingBlood

    I'd take nudes of Mr w33ds too