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  1. Andrew Jester

    App for the raver

    can you add some colour to this app
  2. Andrew Jester


    Enter everything into SSO here and apply to corp, welcome to CYNOU
  3. Andrew Jester

    Recruitment Status: Open

    Returning members now allowed back
  4. Andrew Jester


    You champed it out through the app, and this wasn't the easiest decision to make. However, at this time I don't feel like you'd be a good fit for the corp. If you can keep your head down for the next ~6mo I would be more receptive to an application then. For now, denied.
  5. Andrew Jester

    Tamir Mehanna

    Go to and make sure everything is in there. Once you are done with that, apply to CYNOU in game with the characters you wish to bring. @Riffsajetwill have to bring you up to speed on how things work so I expect him to follow through.
  6. Andrew Jester


    I'll give you your chance. Should you be accepted, what steps will you take to 1) remedy current corp members negative dispositions towards you 2) fix your reputation as a leaker who feels he needs to show off to people 3) ensure that chester doesn't get purged for your idiocy
  7. Andrew Jester


    If any non-CYNOU retard posts some retarded shit I'll just nuke you from orbit thxia
  8. Andrew Jester


    Thankfully I'm more benevolent
  9. Andrew Jester


    Also, please find out @Chester Paterson's grandmothers beef bourguignon recipe and post it. Your acceptance is contingent on this.
  10. Andrew Jester


    please post 5 pictures from your personal instagram account that you doxxed yourself with and explain both why they're important to you and why you thought doxxing yourself on reddit was a good idea
  11. Andrew Jester


    is this a meme?
  12. Andrew Jester

    Tamir Mehanna

    are you unironically saying people are addicted to badposting
  13. Andrew Jester

    Tamir Mehanna

    Put SSO tokens in for everything here. This by no means indicates you are accepted, so be sure to keep answering stuff on the forums and check back regularly for further instructions. 
  14. Andrew Jester

    Tamir Mehanna

    if you like LS I heard TRIF is recruiting cc: @Gremk
  15. Andrew Jester


    will you translate memes for me in rtsq discord?