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  1. Sanders Schmittlaub

    pick a chinchilla name: [ ] Doom [ ] Toby
  2. Sanders Schmittlaub

    what do you enjoy doing the most in eve? what do you enjoy the least? what type of culture and massively multiplayer online role playing gaming experience do you expect to find in Sniggerdly, and PL as a whole? why us? answering question 10 by literally repeating the question as an answer and then saying "So now I am here" doesn't really tell us too much. Please tell us too much.
  3. Symfynx Maricadie

    jfyi there's only two, the arty one and the dual prop autocannon one
  4. Symfynx Maricadie

    Tara is a good man and also nice guy. you were asked about a nano fit, I'm not in any way involved in waffles or their recruitment and I think fitting skills are something that come solely with experience and trial and error and a bit of help from friends, but with that said (and this shouldn't be held against you because a stated desire to learn should be met with an equal desire to teach) how would you set up a cynabal for a small gang, taking into account the fact that several people will be flying an interceptor and/or keres and you likely have enough dps to kill whatever already.
  5. Traya Anylis - App

    what are your thoughts on internet relay chat
  6. @Erisos Stisen @Ersio Heleneto was the originally intended ping but i fully expect @Erisos Stisen to get owned and post as well. I will know when you read this message thanks to sphere so don't try and hide. n1 fuck
  7. Riffsajet

    Riffs is a good man
  8. @Kilo181 with his dame death vouch
  9. caligrown took full advantage of my waffles. bday hype boner if you know what I mean