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  1. Korgan Beldrulf

    Anarchy Rise

    I want to hear more about these "continuous arguments"
  2. Korgan Beldrulf

    Anarchy Rise

    If you had to choose between the following two names for your pet chinchilla which would you choose? [ ] Doom [ ] Toby
  3. Korgan Beldrulf

    Coming home!!

    Hi Cali
  4. Korgan Beldrulf

    Arestes' application

    I know hedliner btw
  5. @Erisos Stisen @Ersio Heleneto was the originally intended ping but i fully expect @Erisos Stisen to get owned and post as well. I will know when you read this message thanks to sphere so don't try and hide. n1 fuck
  6. @Kilo181 with his dame death vouch
  7. caligrown took full advantage of my waffles. bday hype boner if you know what I mean