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  1. Lysus Application

    OK, apply in game when you are ready! Normally, your vouch would be responsible for getting you up to speed, but since Elise is likely busy there are lots of other people who can help. Also make sure to click on the services tab at the top and join the HABIT group.
  2. Lysus Application

    Hahaha, that helmet is hilarious.
  3. Lysus Application

    Thanks for entering your API tokens! The final step in an application to HABIT is the Arts & Crafts project. For your arts and crafts project, please create a simple paper mache space helmet. Here are some example instructions: https://mypretendplace.com/blogs/playroom/8931351-astronaut-paper-mache-helmet-craft-how-to There are lots of ways to do this, so use whatever method works for you or whatever materials you happen to have around! Instead of a NASA logo, please decorate the helmet with the HABIT logo, and the PL logo if you choose. Make sure to take progress pictures as you create your helmet along with pictures of the final product. For bonus points, wear it during one of your steams while playing EVE! Good luck!
  4. Lysus Application

    @Lysus Thanks so much for answering these follow-up questions! The next thing we need is for you to authorize PL to view your account by adding your SSO Token. You can do that here: https://services.pandemic-legion.pl/tokens/ You may need need to set a services password first by clicking the tab at the top of the forum page. Thanks!
  5. Lysus Application

    If you could change one thing about human nature, what would it be?
  6. Erica Durance Application

    Great work! Welcome to HABIT
  7. Erica Durance Application

    One of the most important steps in joining HABIT is the Arts and Crafts project! You have two choices, please pick one: 1) Since today is Halloween, please carve a pumpkin with an EVE related design. It can be anything from an EVE ship to the HABIT logo. 2) Since today is the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation, please write 95 things you like about @Elise Randolph You don't have to get this done today, but when you are able to start working on it, please make sure to include lots of progress shots! Good luck
  8. Erica Durance Application

    Cool! I live in Guelph
  9. Erica Durance Application

    Where in Canada do you live?
  10. Ben Walker App

    Please apply in-game.
  11. Conqueringaz Application

    Apply in-game.
  12. Thorexion Lynch app

    Apply in-game.
  13. Clydar Dramos App

    Apply in-game.
  14. Is there anyone alive out there?

    Haha yeah it was all settled already - but I'd love to hear the answers too!
  15. Is there anyone alive out there?

    Hey! My apologies, it was my birthday this weekend so I've been away! You are welcome to rejoin HABIT! All you need to do is find someone in HABIT that can vouch that you are the original RL player that was originally with us. Again, sorry about that!