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  1. eXile KZ1

    Return of the Butterfly Tramp Stamp

    Translation: stealing patients pudding, and sniffing bed pans...
  2. eXile KZ1

    Return of the Butterfly Tramp Stamp

    +1 because he's a Trump supporter, and not a whiney sack of shit!
  3. eXile KZ1

    Temptress Truborn

    fuking Atlas change ur name to Mrs. Choksondik...
  4. eXile KZ1

    Temptress Truborn

    I clicked wrong button apparently, doh! I ment to quote not edit. I'm satisfied w/this reply. Loyalty is very important imo.
  5. eXile KZ1

    Temptress Truborn

    To much to read in thread, but I did see you got impatient and joined Horde. Is this typical of you? Is your "employment page" a revolving door? 2. Why are you leaving your current corp? I absolutely love my corp. Unfortunately, they need to live in stable null sec sov to survive. They need safe space for their pve and I'm just burnt out on it. The space they are moving to will not have the kind of pvp I want. I'm not really interested in being tied down to sov anymore either. It will be very hard to leave the family I had with them. However, it's what I need to stay active and happy in the game. They will understand that and although they won't like it, they won't hate me for leaving either. I will always have a home with them if I need it. In the end it really is just a game and I need to do what makes me happy. ::Update- Got bored of waiting for you guys to open recruitment and decided to join Horde. Good local pvp and many fun times have been had, but I couldn't see myself being stuck on Horde coms much longer...::
  6. eXile KZ1


    you have to create an eveboard. Also spend more time on the app please 3 mins aint going to cut it.
  7. I knew where this was going, but I had to click anyway. It's been awhile since Xeno picked on Clay jr. xxoo