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  1. Ilya987 Solovey

    -1 Low effort. Your fate is in @Qwynn 's beautiful manly hands.
  2. Dephar Arcarnum

    Hmmph, this is a bit premature but go ahead and send @Qwynn and myself your FULL Apis Via forum pm
  3. Dephar Arcarnum

    Damn, two in as many weeks. App looks purrty fresh thus far, lemme finish up this homework then I'll look at it more in-depth
  4. Mineral Ore

    Hmmph, a rare Starbuck vouch. I'll check this app out a little more closely when I'm back from class.
  5. Obestinaye

    Application Accepted Alright, APIs are coming up clean on my end, we're going to give you a shot. Go ahead and apply in game on all your relevant characters, AFTER YOU DELETE ALL OF YOUR OLD APIS AND ENTER NEW ONES INTO THE AUTH. WELCOME TO THE CARPE Be sure to read all the stickied posts on our corp forums before you do anything.
  6. Obestinaye

    Hmm, looks like you're getting a pretty positive response. Go ahead and send me your FULL APIs for EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER YOU OWN via forum PM and I'll look at them when I get the time. Forward them to @Qwynn aswell, please.
  7. Obestinaye

    " Introvert(22%) " You're off to a good start, I'll read it in more detail tomorrow.
  8. Back from the dead

  9. Blot'vardy'vard

    Application Rejected - No in-corp vouch - Poor use of Memes - Use of "Un-Fresh" memes. - Disgusting Extrovert - Shit App - Inability to follow basic instructions - Poor reading comprehension From here on in, consider yourself BLACKLISTED from N.O.X.
  10. Blot'vardy'vard

    This shit is a mess blot. I expected better. Know that you've let me down. Pshh... your memes weren't even that fresh.
  11. Blot'vardy'vard

    "Doc Weed"
  12. Rythen Risalo

    Application Accepted Go ahead and apply in-game, welcome to the Carpe. Be sure to read ALL of the stickied posts on the corp forums once you're in corp.
  13. Rythen Risalo

    API(s) look fine to me, @Qwynn looking the same on your end?
  14. Back from the dead

    Make sure all your APIs are in, once that's done re-apply in game. Don't forget to app to the corp group once you're in. Welcome back famula.